LinkedIn testing AI-assisted content creation for Premium Company Page subscriptions

LinkedIn testing AI-assisted content creation for Premium Company Page subscriptions

LinkedIn the professional networking site is quietly testing a new revenue generating service targeting at small and medium sized companies. Reports reveal that LinkedIn is developing a Premium Company Page subscription. This service, potentially priced at around $99 per month, will offer AI-powered content creation, tools to boost follower counts, and other features to elevate company profiles.

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This development highlights Microsoft-owned LinkedIn’s ongoing efforts to diversify its business model and enhance its overall utility. Despite being often criticized for fostering excessive self-promotion or for its extensive data collection practices, LinkedIn now sees an opportune moment. Amidst evolving algorithms and concerns over disinformation on other social and search platforms, LinkedIn aims to establish itself as a trusted space for professionals.

LinkedIn discreetly unveiled details about the Premium Company Page six days prior, garnering minimal attention. However, some keen observers, including a marketing consultant, noticed the release.

Suzi Owens, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Communications, commented,

“We’re continually exploring innovative ways to improve our customers’ experience and help them achieve their business objectives. We are currently piloting a Premium Company Page offering for small-to-medium businesses, designed to enhance customer attraction, credibility, and audience engagement. More details will be shared soon.”

Although specific pricing details for the Premium Company Page remain undisclosed, eligible page administrators can access this information. The marketing consultant mentioned that the subscription fees start at $99.99 per month per page, with an annual subscription reducing to $839.88 per page.

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This Premium Company Page joins LinkedIn’s expanding suite of premium services tailored for different user segments. These include Premium Career for job seekers, Premium Business for business analytics, Sales Navigator for sales teams, Recruiter packages for talent acquisition, and LinkedIn Learning for professional growth.

Premium services constitute a significant revenue stream for LinkedIn. The company reported a 25% year-on-year growth in Premium user subscriptions, amounting to $1.7 billion in 2023. With an overall revenue of $15 billion that year, recruiting services contributed $7 billion.

The Premium Company Page subscription aligns with familiar LinkedIn features. Page administrators can view recent visitors (provided they haven’t disabled privacy settings), enabling targeted follow-up invites. Additionally, administrators can incorporate “call to action” buttons, prominently display testimonials, and leverage AI-assisted content creation, an initiative launched last year leveraging Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI.

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Lastly, reflecting LinkedIn’s recent emphasis on verification, Premium Company Pages will feature a distinctive golden badge.

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