Apple store becoming a classroom

Technology is already playing a role in classrooms around the whole world and has proven to be a game changer for teachers as well as students. The range of software programs offers an ability to learn from best practices. Although it has taken a lot of time to really develop new learning models but in the next couple of years it is expected that most schools will become part of a platform network. The leading tech giants such as Google and Microsoft are enabling teachers to meet the needs of individual students by providing them professional learning experiences.

Recently Apple has announced a new education initiative by introducing “Today at Apple”. With this initiative, Apple aims to transform its Apple Stores into proper classrooms. This feature will offer advanced classes to students on a variety of subjects majority of which will be focused towards creativity. The company also plans to offer workshops conducted by professional artists, photographers, and musicians. With Today at Apple, the company is offering 60 programs on programming, music, photography, and design.

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According to the reports, many of the classes will take place outside of the retail environment such as Photo Walks. Photo Walks make staff members lead groups outside to teach them how to capture better images. Similarly, another program Sketch Walks is based outside the store and focuses more on traditional artistic techniques.

There are several classes that are aimed for kids’ such as Kids Hour. This class is held weekly and introduces apple’s technology to kids and parents alike including Garageband and iMove. Apple also has plans to introduce classes for educators, entrepreneurs, as well as business owners. For these programs, users can either sign up through the Apple Store app or website but the full range of classes will be announced in the next month.

Via: Tech Crunch

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