Stunning success comes with super sacrifices

It is not necessary that people who have achieved great success are more skillful and intelligent than others; it’s their burning desire and thirst of knowledge that separates them from others. Nobody is a born CEO or an investor, greatness is achieved only through enormous amounts of hard work over many years. It’s nice to find the field where you are naturally gifted which makes you believe you’ll be great from day one, but it doesn’t happen.

No high-level performance can be achieved without hard work and this isn’t just any hard work; it’s a work of a particular type that is not only demanding but also sometimes painful. The entrepreneurs who have achieved incredible success today have achieved it with great sacrifice. They worked on their innate ability to perform some specific activity especially well.

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Following are the few most successful entrepreneurs who shared what is required to make dreams turn into a reality.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (Spent 18 hours a day):

The founder and CEO of VaynerMedia and also the best-selling author The New York Times Gary Vaynerchuk learned that a person has to let go of the short-term pleasures in order to achieve the long-term goals. He started the business and focused on nothing else but building it. He dedicated 18 hours of every day and even compromised the family time for reaching where he is today.

  • Tom Shieh (Rented out his own house):

The CVO of Crimecheck is an extremely successful entrepreneur of today. For building this financial foundation, he rented out his own house and moved into the basement of his in-law’s house. He survived with his family on only ten percent of the income and saved the rest for the developing business.

  • Gary Nealon (Sleepless nights):

The president of the Nealon Solutions and The Rox Group was filed for bankruptcy on his first business. He mistakenly tried to purchase an existing business which ended him into failing miserable in the first year. Out of finances, Gary Nealon had to bootstrap his business and learned how to manage profits. While working full-time, he sacrificed his sleep for building his business at night. He worked hard through the exhausting and challenging first year which made him reap the benefits of today.

  • Pekka Koskinen (Worked double hours):

A serial entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Leadfeeder, and an investor Pekka Koskinen had to make a lot of sacrifices for creating his first startup, Snoobi. He worked double hours initially and managed to make ends meet until he gathered considerable amount of finances to take on the business completely.

  • Yuli Ziv (Sacrificed two full years):

The Style Coalition’s founder and CEO, an influencer marketing pioneer, and the author of an Amazon’s best-seller Yuli Ziv took almost two years to turn her dream into a reality. She invested all her finances in setting up the idea for Style Coalition into a business. The idea of investing even her last pennies did not frighten her from quitting on her dream; she signed a revenue generating partnership with Elle magazine and sold out a major campaign to a national retailer.

Via: Business Insider


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