32 Ways of Making Money for kids in 2023

Money is an essential part of life but now kids can also make money by doing little tasks. Parents should motivate their kids to earn because it teaches their children the value of money. Making money as a kid will impact a positive influence on their life, they will know the value of money and it will develop the saving habit. Following are 32 ways of making money for your kids.

1- Babysitting:

Babysitting is the act of caring for a child or children in the absence of their parents or guardians. A babysitting job usually involves watching over a child, ensuring their safety and well-being, playing with them, and sometimes helping with tasks such as feeding, bathing, and putting them to bed. Babysitters may also be responsible for entertaining the child and keeping them engaged in various activities. Babysitting can be done by relatives, friends, or professional babysitters. Kids can do a part-time job & offer the service of babysitting and earn some extra money.

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2- Pet sitting:

Pet sitting is another option for kids to earn money. Pet sitting is service kids can offer to pet owners. They can take care of their pet while they are away. The pet sitter can visit the pet owner’s home, or the pet may be taken to the pet sitter’s home for the duration of the owner’s absence. The pet sitters are responsible for feeding the pet, giving them water, taking them out for walks, cleaning their boxes and cages, administering medication if needed, general companionship, and giving them attention. Kids can do a part-time job who love animals and have some experience caring for pets.

3- Lawn mowing:

Lawn mowing is the act of cutting or trimming grass in a lawn to the desired length using a lawn mower. Kids can do this job part-time or full-time. Lawn mowing jobs typically involve maintaining the lawn of a residential or commercial property. The job duties include operating a lawn mower, grass-cutting, lawn cleaning, grass trimming, racking up grass clippings or leaves, & ensuring that the lawn is looking neat & completely maintained. A lawn mowing job requires fitness and stamina. Physically healthy & fit kids can do this job easily. It also requires some knowledge of gardening, watering & fertilizing.

4- Snow shoveling:

In the winter season, kids can earn money by offering the service of shoveling snow. Snow Shoveling is the act of removing snow from a driveway, sidewalk, or other outdoor area using a shovel. Snow shoveling jobs typically involve clearing snow from residential or commercial properties to ensure safe and accessible pathways for pedestrians and vehicles. Kids can do this job part-time or full-time for some extra income. Snow shoveling job duties include shoveling snow by using a snow blower, spreading salt or sand to prevent slipping, and making sure that the area is clean properly.

5- Dog walking:

Kids who love dogs can offer the service of dog walking & earn some extra money. Dog walking is the act of taking a dog out for a walk while its owners are away or maybe too busy. Dog walking services can be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis and may involve walking a single dog or multiple dogs at the same time. Duties included in the dog walking service are picking up the dog from the owner’s place and take out to walk for some specified amount of time, providing water, taking care of, and returning the owner’s home safely.

6- Cleaning:

Kids can also make money by cleaning houses or helping with chores around the house. Cleaning job refers to a wide range of jobs and kids can offer their services to their neighbors, homes, offices, buildings, or other facilities. Cleaning job includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting surface. Kids can do this job part-time & full-time. This job requires taking care of the place, giving attention to detail, and the ability to work efficiently & independently. Kids need to be fit physically & have the stamina to do this job.  Cleaners may also need to use cleaning products so they should be knowledgeable about their usage.

7- Selling handmade crafts:

If your kids know crafts & they are interested in crafting, they can make and sell their own crafts online or at local markets. Selling handmade is a job & business that involves creating handmade items like as jewelry, pottery, knitted goods, candles, and other decorative or functional items, and selling them to customers. Handmade crafts are very unique & people who like crafts love to buy them. Kids can set up their physical shop as well as an online store, they can also promote their crafts on social media by using sponsored ads. Kids who are passionate about crafts and they love to make new things can run craft businesses successfully.

8- Garage sale:

A garage sale is a type of job or activity where individuals or families sell their unwanted used products/items at low prices to others. This includes different items like clothes, household goods, toys books & furniture. Kids can earn money by working in the garage. They can do this job part-time or full-time. Kids can arrange garage sales in front of the yard of a home. This is usually held on the weekend, and kids can also arrange the yard sale during summer or winter vacations.

Organizing a garage sale requires sorting and pricing items, setting up tables and displays, and managing sales transactions. It can be a good way for people to declutter their homes and earn extra income, while also providing an opportunity for others to find bargains.

9- Lemonade stand:

Kids can sell fresh lemon juice by setting up a lemonade stand on a hot summer day and it is a good way to earn some amount. The lemonade stand job involves selling lemonade, usually made from a homemade recipe. Kids can sell to people passing by on street. It is typically run by children during the summer season, they can also do this job on their summer vacations.

This setup needs to have a table, chairs, and a pitcher of lemonade along with cups and ice. The price of a cup of lemonade is depending on the quantity & size of the cup. Lemonade stand job can teach children marketing, budgeting & customer service and it will also develop entrepreneurial skills.

10- Sell t-shirts online:

Selling t-shirts online is another interesting way of earning money for kids. If your kids are passionate about designing and are creative then they can sell their service. This can include hand-drawn illustrations, graphic designs, or slogans too. Kids can use print-on-demand services, set up an online store, and promote & sell t-shirts on different online platforms like Teespring, Shopify & Etsy.

kids need to be aware of online safety and privacy considerations when selling t-shirts online, such as not sharing personal information and avoiding inappropriate content.

11- Photography:

Photography can be a great job for kids who enjoy and have an interest in taking pictures. They can learn about photography from a different platform or through online courses to enhance their photography skills. Kids who are passionate about photography can start their own businesses by offering photography services for events such as birthdays, weddings, or family portraits. They can also sell their photographs online or at local markets.

Kids can also offer their services as freelancers to local businesses or organizations that need photographs for their websites, brochures, or other marketing materials.

Kids can also make a good amount by uploading & selling their photographs on online platforms like Shutterstock, iStock, Pinterest, etc.

12- Social media management:

If kids are social media savvy, they can offer their services to manage social media accounts for small businesses and charge a good amount for it.

Social media management is a job that involves managing & creating content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Kids can get involved in social media management as a job or hobby. Kids can offer their social media management services to local businesses or organizations that need help with their online presence. This may involve creating content, scheduling posts, and responding to comments and messages.

Kids can offer their social media managing service to different businesses & organizations through freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork & guru.com.

13- Plant watering:

Plant watering is a simple but important job that kids can do part-time and take care of plants in their homes or gardens. Kids can also earn by offering their services to water plants for families or for neighbors while they are away.

First, you have to identify which plant starting to wilt & has dry soil. Then gather the necessary supplies such as a watering can spray bottle or hose. Check the soil moisture by sticking your finger in the soil if it feels dry then plants need water. Some plants need water daily and some plants may need to be watered weekly. So it’s better to check them on daily basis.

By taking on the task of plant watering, kids can learn about the importance of caring for living things and develop a sense of responsibility.

14- Car washing:

Another earning idea for kids is car washing. They can offer services of car washing to neighbors or family members. Car washing is a fun job, this is for those kids who are interested in cleaning and maintaining cars.

Kids can follow these simple tips while washing a car, they will need a bucket, a sponge or mitt, car soap, and a hose to access water. Use a hose or a bucket of water to rinse the car, fill the bucket with water and add car soap according to the instruction on the bottle. Use a sponge to apply the soap to the car, starting from top to down. Then use the hose or bucket of water to rinse off the soap. At last use a clean towel to dry the car and make sure to dry all parts thoroughly to prevent water spots.

15- House sitting:

Kids can offer their services to house-sitting for neighbors & families while they are away. House sitting is a big responsibility, only elder and responsible kids who are mature enough can do this job. Here are some tips for kids who are house-sitting:

Kids need to communicate with the homeowners before they leave and make sure you understand their expectations and instructions. Keep the house secure make sure all doors and windows are locked and secure before you leave the house or go to bed. Check on the house regularly or every few days to make sure everything is okay. Take care of their pets, fed & watered them daily. Keeping their house clean is also the responsibility of house sitters. Make sure you have the contact information of the owners in case of any emergency. If something unexpected happens, stay calm and call for help if needed. House sitting job can develop a sense of responsibility & independency as well as kids will gain experience of caring for a home.

16- Tutoring:

Kids who are good at any subject they can teach physically as well as online too. They can help other students and earn a good income from it. Kids can start tutoring by following these steps:

First, choose a subject you excel in and are comfortable teaching. Then determine your teaching method & decide how you want to conduct your tutoring sessions. Will they be in-person, online, or a combination of both? How much will you charge for your services?

Create a lesson plan, and develop a curriculum that covers the key concepts & your student needs to learn. You can advertise your services by spreading the word to friends, family, and other contacts. You can also create flyers or posters to post around your school or community. Kids can build their online presence on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and teach as many students as they want.

17- Selling homemade baked goods:

Kids can earn a good income by selling homemade baked food items. It is a great job for kids who enjoy baking and want to earn some extra money. Here are some steps to follow:

Choose your recipes and decide which baked item you can make and want to sell but make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment you need. Prepare your menu, and create a menu of items you will be selling, including prices and descriptions. Set up your sales location, you can sell your baked item at a local market, offices, shops, bake sale, your neighbors, or even from your own home’s front yard. You can advertise your baking item to your family, & friends and as well as online on social media.

By selling homemade baked goods, kids can develop skills in baking, marketing, and customer service. They can also learn about money management and the value of hard work.

18- Walking or biking tours:

For kids who love to explore their local community and new places, walking or biking tour is a great job for them, and earn some extra income from it. Here are some steps for kids who want to become tour guides:

First, choose your tour route that highlights interesting or historical sites in your community. Consider walking or biking paths, parks, and landmarks. Research the sites & gather information about the history, and unusual facts. Before taking one tour make sure you have enough knowledge about the places. Before start taking tours you need to practice, once you feel confident and comfortable you can lead the tour. You can also use social media to advertise your service and people will know when and where it will be held. This job will develop a sense of responsibility in your children as well as make them even more confident.

19- Musical performances:

Kids who play musical instruments can offer their services for wedding events, birthday parties, or on the streets and earn a very good income from it. Performing music is a great job for kids who have musical talent. Here are some steps to follow:

First of all, decide what type of music you want to perform and choose the songs or pieces you will play. Then practice your music as much as you can, once you feel confident you can offer your services to your family, friend, and neighbors as well.

Look for local events or venues that host live music performances. You can also offer to perform at community events or private parties. Use social media to promote your musical performances.

20- Yard work:

There is another good idea for kids to earn some good income and that is yard work. If your kids are interested and have a passion for yard work then they can do it. Here are some steps to follow:

Determine your services and decide on the yard work services you will offer, such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, weeding, or watering plants. Use social media to promote your yard work services. Gather the equipment you need, such as a lawn mower, rake, gloves, and watering can. Decide your service price, whether it is an hourly rate or a flat rate per project.

You can do this job part-time or full-time too. Kids need to be fit physically for this job and make sure to complete the tasks to the best of their ability. Yard work will develop physical stamina, learn about gardening and landscaping, and gain valuable work experience.

21- Writing:

Kids who are good at writing can offer their writing services for websites or blogs. They can do this job part-time & full-time and can earn some extra money from it. Your kids can write stories, and poetry to explore their creativity and express their emotions, and letters to their friends and family member would be a great writing practice. Kids can also write reviews for books, movies, and games, which will help them to develop their critical thinking skills. Write Articles for blogs is another idea, this will help them to develop research & writing skills.

Writing can encourage them to create stories on their own and enhance their thinking skills. Remember to provide positive feedback and encouragement for their efforts, and let them know how proud you are of their work.

22- Voice-over work:

Kids with a good speaking voice can offer their voice-over services for videos or podcasts. And can earn good amount from this job. Voice-over work can be a fun and rewarding job for kids. Kids can do part-time or full-time & earn some extra income. Kids can lend their voices to narrate audiobooks, educational videos, or even documentaries. This will help them develop their reading skills and also give them a chance to practice their diction and enunciation.

They can also play character voices, commercials, radio dramas, and podcasts. Voice-over work is a good idea to help kids develop their speaking & communication skills.

23- Car detailing:

Car detailing is another idea for those kids who have an interest in cleaning, they can offer their services for car detailing, such as cleaning the interior and exterior & earn some extra money.

Car detailing can be a great job for kids who are passionate about cars and enjoy working with their hands. Kids can do exterior washing, interior cleaning & tire shining, they can do detailing which can include deep cleaning, waxing, and polishing.  This will allow them to develop their attention to detail and also learn about different car parts and materials. Leather conditioning and window cleaning are also a port of car detailing.

Kids need proper training and supervision to start offering this job. It is important to have knowledge about each chemical and machinery of a car.

24- Snowboarding or skiing lessons:

There is another smart way of earning for kids is snowboarding or skiing. If your kids are passionate and interested in snowboarding they can offer their services to family members, and neighbors. Kids need to have practice & experience before offering snowboarding services.

Kids can offer one-on-one tutoring services to beginners, group lessons, kids’ camps, video tutorials, and also ski resort services.

This will allow them to share their expertise and also help others develop their skills. Teaching snowboarding is a serious responsibility, so it’s important for kids to have proper training and certification before offering lessons.

25- Create illustrations:

Kids who are interested & passionate about illustrations can offer their services to their family and friends as well as online. Creating illustrations can be a fun and creative job for kids who enjoy drawing and art. Kids can offer their services to children’s books for authors or publishers. They can create illustrations for Greeting cards, comics, graphic novels, art prints & coloring books.

Creating illustrations can be a time-consuming process, so it’s important for kids to manage their time effectively and make sure to research copyright laws and obtain any necessary permissions before using any copyrighted materials in their illustrations.

26- Birthday party entertainer:

Kids who are good at entertaining others can offer their services for birthday parties & earn some extra income. This job is for those kids who love performing and entertaining others & becoming a birthday party entertainer can be a great job for them. Kids can offer their services as a magician and perform tricks and illusions at birthday parties. It will develop their performing skills and confidence. They can also offer the services of Clowns, face painters, DJs, and puppeteers. Becoming a birthday party entertainer requires a certain level of professionalism and responsibility, so it’s important for kids to have proper training and supervision before offering their services.

27- Cleaning up after events:

Kids can also offer their services to clean up after events, such as weddings or parties & can earn some extra income. Kids can do this job part-time or full-time as they want.

Cleaning up after events job can be a good option for kids who are responsible, organized, and detail-oriented. Kids can offer their services of clean up after events at local event venues, Private events, & street fairs. This job will allow them to work independently and also develop their time-management skills. Cleaning up jobs requires physical labor, and heavy handling so it is important for kids to be physically fit and have proper training and supervision before offering their services.

28- Recycle bottles & cans:

Kids can collect bottles & cans from the streets or different shops and recycle them at the recycling centers and get some amount. Kids can collect bottles from door-to-door, from events, and sell them to recycling centers.

They can offer their services to local recycling centers, sorting and processing bottles and cans for recycling. This will allow them to work in a professional environment and also learn more about the recycling process. Online recycling services are another option, kids can offer these services through websites and apps that allow individuals to sell their recyclables to recycling companies. This will allow them to work independently and also develop their entrepreneurial skills.

29- Resell furniture & clothes:

Reselling furniture and clothes can be a great job for kids who have an eye for fashion and design. They can earn by selling old clothes & old furniture. Kids can visit local thrift stores and garage sales to find unique and interesting furniture and clothing items to resell. They can also sell their old stuff online on different apps like Poshmark, Mercari & ThredUP, eBay & Facebook. This will allow kids to work independently, & confidently. It will develop online marketing and customer service skill in them.

Reselling furniture and clothing items can involve financial and legal considerations, so it’s important for kids to have proper training and supervision before offering their services.

30- Start a blog:

Kids can start a blog if they are good at writing and want to do some earning. Your child can make a blog with ads or sponsored posts and earn good money through google AdSense.

Here are some steps to get started, first, choose a topic of niche, they want to write on. This can be anything from sports to music to food to travel. Select a blogging platform such as WordPress, blogger & Wix. Choose and purchase a domain & hosting and register on your name. Customize your website, start writing articles, and also promote your website on social media to get traffic to your blog.

31- Monetize social media accounts:

Monetization of social media is another way of earning good money. Your child can post valuable content on social media and gets traffic & can monetize their social accounts once they reach on targeted traffic that is required for monetization.

It’s important for kids to be aware of online safety and privacy considerations when monetizing their social media accounts, such as not sharing personal information and avoiding inappropriate content.

32- Sell photos:

If your kids are into photography and can take good pictures then they can earn a good amount by selling those pictures on different platforms like Pinterest, Foap, EyeEm & Scoopshot.

Selling photos can be a fun and rewarding job for kids who enjoy photography and have a talent for capturing great shots. Kids can offer print-on-demand service by using Redbubble, society6, and canvases. Kids can use social media to promote their work skills and get more orders to form social platforms.

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