Can blogging help you make good money? – Why is blogging important?

With the beginning of blogging, people considered it a comfortable means to earn money while sharing their thoughts with the world. There are numerous niches that are offered by blogging websites according to various interests. It is easy to find a suitable one but the downside is how much you can likely earn from them.

As with any profession in life, you should have a realistic expectations of blogging. A couple of statistics in blogging will give a clear depiction of its right perspective.

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According to the research, the exact number of blogs on the blog-sphere is titled more than 200 million away from 100 million. So it will be conservative to consider the number as 175 million blogs around the world.

And all these 175 million bloggers are longing for the attention of 3.5 billion internet users. 1.5 million Posts are made from WordPress on a daily basis which makes it 45 million posts each month. With continuously changing marketing strategies, it is only possible for the fittest to survive.

Is blogging that bad?

It would be wrong to call blogging something really bad. Blogging is tough and challenging and a blogger must have the information that can keep the ship floating. Succeeding or failing comes down entirely in the hands of bloggers.

Blogging bad habits and damaging misconceptions:

Blogging is not for the faint of heart because the outcomes can be sometimes a little dingy. But a blogger should also be aware of the misconceptions that are prevailing in the niche.

Short-term views: As a blogger, one should know that it is not a gold mine. Landing a gold mine requires a lot of digging, expanded resources, and time. The same is the case with blogging; hard work pays off after a long time.

Expertise: You need expertise and passion for setting out in the blogging field. There is no use in just searching the internet for providing content to the audience. You need to build up your expertise.

Blogging is fun: Until you set yourself on track, blogging can be regarded as something really cool. A combination of expertise is needed to run the blogging business including discipline, timeliness, planned content, financial commitments, and marketing strategies.

Passion: Nothing works without passion; passion is the only thing that keeps you going.

Wrong priorities: Making money should not be the priority when it comes to blogging.

Planned activities: Running a blog business is not such that you can post anything at any time you deem suitable. It is like running a lifetime campaign; actions taken must be planned for achieving particular goals.

Focus: This business will work better if the blogs are specific to a particular niche. This is because every niche has room for improvement and a lot can be explored.

Response to criticism: Criticism does not mean that you have failed. Your response as a blogger is the actual thing when it comes to negative reactions. As a blogger, always be prepared for critics. Some may like your point of view, others may out-rightly refuse the perspective, resulting in a lot of criticism.

Traffic and visitors: Managing traffic in blogging has unfortunately come down to the overuse of pop-ups.

Be Professional in your Marketing:

Quality of content: For running a blog business, content quality is the foremost thing to focus on. Great quality content is the reason for driving large amounts of traffic. Be creative, dynamic, and flexible about the type of content you provide to your audience.

Page optimization: For coming up with the market competition, you need to ensure your blog is optimized. Good quality content includes rich, relevant, and informative work for digital users.

Target audience: Billions of people on the internet do not care about you or your blog; it’s your business and your responsibility to persuade them for reading your blog. Your job is to have complete know-how about the needs and tastes of your audience so that you can provide them with better solutions. Think big, think differently, and think out of the box to engage the audience to your blog.

Your blog can be a money-making machine:

The following ways can help you earn a handsome amount of money with your blogging business,

Loyal and trusting follower-ship: Building a loyal follower-ship is the key to a successful blogging business.

Create a product or service related to our blog: It is wise to create a product or a service around your blog. You can offer courses, and e-books, and organize lectures according to your particular niche.

Advertise:  For bringing money to your blogging, advertising can be really helpful. It includes pay-per-click ads, text link ads, banner ads, sponsored reviews, video, and audio ads, etc.

Social media services to other organizations: Once you get your hands on blogging, multimedia companies will be intimidated by your experience and may like to benefit from it.

Digital consultation: After your own experience in the field of blogging, you can offer other companies to manage their social media platforms, their digital campaigns, etc.

Affiliate marketing: Once you create a platform to generate profits, many companies will be willing to offer win-win partnerships.

Donation: Donations may be more effective for blogs that are directed toward social services. But you can integrate a donation function for your blog as well if you are able to convince others about the benefits.

End result:

After managing your blog in an appropriate manner, you can gain the following results

  • Working with passion will give you self-satisfaction.
  • You will have great rewards in the form of good revenues.
  • A strong marketing platform that bigger brands will wait to get associated with.
  • Corporate relevance, you will not be ignored in the industry.
  • You will be able to achieve the goals for which you are blogging.
  • Products and services can be easily created around your blog.
  • You will earn a reputation, and exposure and will have great traffic.
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