Passion and Profession. What’s the relation and Which one is more Important?

Passion is what you love doing. When you are emotionally pulled towards something, it is your passion. A hobby, a work that you do not feel tired when doing and you are not worried about monetary benefits. It is that work that pulls you out of the time and space gravity and you continue doing it, irrespective of the time it takes and do not pay heed to what’s happening in your surroundings.

You are passionate about something because you have a deep interest in it, you believe in it and you love doing it. Passion is a compelling tendency to assert energy and enthusiasm towards something you cherish the most. In execution of your passion, you don’t get tired easily

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On the other hand, the profession is what you do to make a living and earn money. It could be your job, wor and, business.

The fundamental difference between the level of achievement between people of the same drive, intelligence is the interest in their work. You could be passionate about something but without a keen interest in that work, you are not destined to succeed. In other words, those who have full knowledge of their passion and have a deep interest in learning it to the fullest are the ones who do good in professional life.

With practice, you gain a high skill level and monetize your passion and become more capable than your competition.

Our life purpose and fulfilment comes to us if we do something we are naturally good at and like doing it. It maximises the opportunities and with girt and practice, we can gain expertise and make money.

Passion and Profession. What’s the relation?

In an ideal world, it would be great if these two can be merged. That would just be a perfect combination. Someone whose hobby is to play cricket ends up playing professional cricket and gets paid. Someone who loves graphic designing ends up offering that as a skill and makes money out of it.

If your passion can become your profession, nothing will give you more joy and satisfaction for doing your work. If we look at the success stories of successful people, they all followed what they loved the most, some even dropped out of college to pursue their passion as a profession.

Just imagine, what a bliss it would be if we get paid for doing something we love?.

We have to find some courage within ourselves to make it happen. That is one appropriate way of living life to the fullest because by doing so, you would be enjoying and loving your work.

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