Google Search to rank sites by their mobile versions from 1st July

Starting 1st July, Google has announced that all new websites would be analysed, ranked on the search engine on the basis of “Mobile-first indexing”.

All these years, the desktop version was instrumental in better search engine ranking but with the introduction of “Mobile-first indexing”, Google would consider the mobile version first for any new website evaluation and ranking in the search results.

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“We’re happy to announce that ‘mobile-first indexing’ will be enabled by default for all new, previously unknown to Google Search websites, starting July 1, 2019,” John Mueller, Developer Advocate, Google.

What will happen to the existing websites?

Google will determine the existing site search ranking on the basis of content including text, images, videos and links. The structured data will also factor in the ranking of websites.

“We will notify them through Search Console once they’re seen as being ready. Since the default state for new websites will be ‘mobile-first indexing’, there’s no need to send a notification,” Mueller said.

“We’re happy to see how the web has evolved from being focused on desktop to becoming mobile-friendly, and now to being mostly crawlable and indexable with mobile user-agents,” Muller said.

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