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The internet is overloaded with sites that hold the claims such as

“Make millions while you sleep!”

It sounds really appealing and a person gets eager to harness the potential of earning for a living through such websites. Who would not like to have extra cash in your pocket? But nobody gives away money for free so we probably have to work for it.

Want a Free Website

Making money online is a serious business and there are many people who are benefitting from the opportunities that are available on the web. Instead of falling for wrong claims and wasting your time, utilize your free time to find legit ways to add to your income.

A bit of extra money is always useful, so leaving laziness behind you can make money by properly consuming your free time. As between our job and family, spare time is fairly limited but we can make the most of our abilities by selecting the right platform.

The fast growth of technology has spawned many opportunities for people who want to make their spare time productive. The Internet has provided us with platforms that give you the opportunity to make better use of your abilities and skills. Following is the list of websites that truly help a skilled person to make money by perusing his/her passion.


It is an online platform that connects clients with top freelance professionals around the world. The two biggest freelance marketplaces online, Elance and Odesk, have merged to work together. This platform provides unlimited opportunities to its users and they can work on anything ranging from programming, personal assistance, lead generation, etc. This is basically a place that is used for long-term projects and the professional relationships with clients on this platform also run for ages.


It is an online marketplace for startup companies to start an investment of as little as $10. People who want to work for creative abilities can influence Angle to connect them with startups where they will be able to locate jobs such as full-time, part-time, or contract work for themselves.


Peopleperhour is a UK-based platform that provides freelance work to its users. It is not as much a refined place as UpWork but it is a good platform for companies who do not want to hire full-time professional resources. It is a place where you can find all sorts of projects ranging from short-term to long-term projects.


It is the best place for people who want to work as remote workers. This particular site encourages people to use their skills and capabilities to earn money while staying at home. It is known as Basecamp. Many working opportunities are offered on this platform from around the world and are picked up by remote workers. Although this website offers opportunities for long-term purposes if you are keen on earning a little extra cash, you can also land jobs that can be completed in a short period of time.


It is a platform that provides language coaching lessons according to your requirement, preferences, and goals. It offers different packages for all levels of learners. The packages start for beginners as The Starter package, for travelers is The Traveler Package and for on-going learners, there is Rype Club. It allows people to experience the learning of different languages that are spoken around the world and to enjoy the company of fellow language learners.


Handy is a platform that connects people who are interested in professional household services. It is a kind of Uber that deals with services from home cleaning to handyman services. Every week Handy connects thousands of customers around the world and they have expanded their platform to Canada, USA, and UK.


If you are good at giving advice, then Clarity is the right place for you to find a job of your choice. This platform allows you to sell your expertise in any field and earn cash. You can give advice to entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, etc., and earn money every minute. If you think you are capable of such a unique task, then do try it out.


Fiverr is a global online marketplace where you can offer your services. It offers more than three million services ranging between $5 and $500 dollars. It is a website that offers you short-term projects for video animation, writing, programming, etc. You do not have to spend weeks completing a project as it does not require much time to work on smaller gigs. It’s easy and you can earn a reasonable amount of money through this online platform.


Uber is famous for providing reliable, low-cost on-demand transportation services. You can become a part of this program if you own a car. By following the training guidelines, you can earn money while exploring cities around your country.


Skillshare is a learning platform that offers thousands of online classes and offers skilled people to teach a class themselves. At Skillshare, you can have classes on all topics such as how to start your own designer business or how to use Photoshop. The primary goal of Skillshare is learning by completing a project. You can teach creative arts, entrepreneurship, technology, and even about lifestyle.


Toptal is a network that provides services to freelance software developers and designers around the world. If you have the skills of a developer, then you can offer services on this platform and work with top companies or can get work internationally.


It is the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. It connects more than one million talented freelance designers with entrepreneurs around the world. There is high competition among designers on this platform so it might become difficult to make a presence as a beginner. The designers have to provide extremely high-quality work so that the project lands on their plate. But only the best work is selected by the employers.

Freelance Writing Gigs:

Freelance Writing Gigs is a network for freelance writers that helps them to find the newest online writing jobs. The website updates the new jobs that are available for writers every day so there are many job offerings all the time. You just need to sharpen up your writing skills to write content for various topics. It is a great way to earn extra cash; it does not require any previous experience. You can work as a rewriter, blog writer, article writer, copywriter, etc.

Want a Free Website