6 unprofessional habits that make you unlikeable

In all the time that you spend with colleagues and bosses, you might let a bad habit or two slip. These are the things that drive everyone crazy around you but you may not realize how easily these habits can be avoided. For the sake of your own betterment, take a moment to remind yourself what behavior at work may be making you unlikeable among others.

Following are the few behaviors that should be avoided if you do not want to be disliked.

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Bragging is always frustrating because it is an attempt to deceive people around you. When you brag, you hide behind the mask of self-deprecation. You may think others trust you but this habit makes everyone see what you are trying to do. This habit of bragging makes you very unlikeable among others.

Staying extremely serious:

Some people think that being passionate means being serious about everything. They remain absorbed in their work and it is hard for them to keep a balance between everything. If you are someone who remains too serious and even then fails to get things done, you become unlikeable among others. You do not get involved in any meaningful conversations with your colleagues and others feel uncomfortable around you. Therefore, balance your passion for your work with the ability to have fun.

Not asking questions:

Sometimes you get so much focused on a conversation that what the other person has to say next that you forget to hear what is being said to you. It makes you spear as if you are lost and the person speaking feel disrespected with your behavior. Therefore, listen carefully and ask enough questions to understand what you are being told.

Exploding at people:

In a working environment, it is impossible to work if you are not emotionally stable. If you explode at someone for doing something wrong, all the negative attention goes towards you. This makes you appear as unstable, unapproachable, and intimidating for others.

Focusing on your phone:

When in the middle of a conversation, you answer text messages or play with your phone, you turn the other person completely off. It shows that you are not taking the conversation seriously. Therefore, focus all your energies on the conversation and immerse yourself in them completely. Follow these 5 Ways to beat your phone addiction.

Sharing too much:

Although it is said that sharing makes relationships stronger but when you share too much, it gives a negative impression. It is better never to share personal problems and confessions too quickly with your colleagues or anyone. It is a habit that makes you extremely unlikeable among others.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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