5 Dreadful effects of procrastination and how to overcome it

If procrastination is not dealt with effectively, it can bring extremely negative effects on your life. It does not only damage your job but also affects your mental health and relationships. There are about twenty percent of the people who can be described as chronic procrastinators. These are the people who always put the work for tomorrow what they could or should be doing today.

Whatever may be the reason is, you should be careful if you procrastinate because it has far more damaging effects then you realize. Following are the most common effects of procrastination:

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Wastage of time:

When you procrastinate, you waste a lot of your precious time without even realizing. And when you actually realize, a lot of time has already been wasted and there is nothing you can do except to regret. This can be a terrible feeling and it makes you live helplessly all your life. If you want to manage your time properly, follow these rules

Wasted opportunities:

While procrastinating, you don’t take advantage of the available opportunities. After some time when you realize that how you didn’t avail an opportunity that could have been life changing, this is when you really want to kick yourself. The world rewards you by giving you opportunities, therefore, do yourself a favor, and grab them with both hands. If you want to get over procrastination, follow these 8 proven strategies to overcome procrastination and get things done.

Failing to meet goals:

Another big disadvantage of procrastination is that you fail to meet your desired goals. The strong desire of achieving your goals makes you dream big but when you find it extremely hard to take the initial steps; you fail to bring a change in your life. Procrastination reduces productivity.

Therefore, discover the root cause of procrastination and avoid anything that stops you from attaining your heart’s desires.

Damages to your career:

Procrastination can bring serious damages to your career. It is because when you delay your work, you fail to meet the deadlines and move closer to losing your job. Not only that you are no longer productive but you also miss out on the opportunities of getting promoted.

Lower self-esteem:

It is usually considered that people who have low self-esteem often procrastinate. But procrastination doesn’t help in any of this and lowers the self-esteem even more. Your life can get destroyed if you have low self-esteem because you hold yourself back from every opportunity and leads to self-sabotaging acts.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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