Ultimate Guide for setting up your blogging game

Whether you are new to the game or a more experienced blogger, you need to practice certain techniques in order to manage your blogging efforts throughout each stage. Blogging might be a bit tricky to keep on top of things; it might take time to churn out relevant content to make your readers satisfied.

Sometimes it gets difficult to blog because of the obligations of our daily lives to write things up which even makes it challenging to post. But blogging is a crucial element for the success of your inbound marketing. So here are some techniques for holding and generating the reader’s attention.

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  • Create your customer Avatar:

In this highly competitive market, you need to dig much deeper before starting your blog. You need to define your blog’s target audience. You can imagine the best possible clients you can sell to. It will help you to reach out to hordes of people who can serve as your ideal customers.

  • Blog Platform:

By hopping around from platform to platform, you can end up in the most confusing Google search you can imagine. Therefore, choose the platform that best suits your needs along with its pros and cons. Word press and Blogger are good options as they are available free of cost and are easy to use.

  • Do not make your website a mystery for users:

You don’t need to make your website extremely complicated; there is no use in putting your clients under stress and uncertainty. Customers prefer websites that are easy to use and do not make them think hard with unlimited choices. Making a website does not mean annoying people. A simple and easy website with clear and standard buttons can compel your users to keep coming back.

  • Perfect Tools:

A better understanding of marketing can give you an idea about the likings of your readers, and which topics they want to read about and relate their lives with. But blogging requires you constantly come up with new topics so that you can keep their attention. For this purpose, you need to equip yourself with the tools such as Canva, Writefull, Content Ideator, etc.

Social media is an inexpensive way of generating an audience and keeping them chatting about your blog posts. You can arouse interest in your readers by sharing your blogs and adding links, including e-mail subscriptions, repeated tweets, etc.

  • Keep your audience energized:

People always like to be rewarded for even small actions, running contests and giving away something useful will keep your readers energized and active. This will keep them attentive to the website and will always be available whenever you post or share something.

  •  Measure The Results:

The best way of knowing how much traffic your activity is drawing to your website is to measure it by using the following Google Analytics, Facebook Page Insights, and Twitter Analytics. These are the most widely used tools and measure the overall impact of your website.

  • Testing can give you a valuable insight:

Testing your website always proves helpful either in the case of gadgets you buy or the blogs you post. Both require a replacement if you are not satisfied with their progress. You need an approach that works best for targeting the audience by testing your social media calls to action.

Branding is supposed to strengthen your relationship with the targeted audience therefore you need to keep a check on that as well. Social Mention, Social Radar, and Brand Watch are the tools available online to help you track where your brand is mentioned on other websites.

It might be difficult to start as a newbie but for being a successful blogger you need to keep in mind

“Supporting characters add depth to the story, and great actors leave their imprint with the audience”.



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