How To Earn Money Designing T-Shirts Online.

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Countless new businesses have sparked due to the extensive use of the internet around the world. Whether you want to become financially independent or want to supplement your current income; there are so many businesses to start from home that are profitable and a joy to run.

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The advancing technological innovations have created so many businesses in the creative sector as well. It has helped creative entrepreneurs to turn their inspiration into something practically useful. T-shirt designing has become one such amazing experience for many entrepreneurs.

The era of custom T-Shirts began in the early 1950s. Different companies started designing custom T-Shirts with names of popular destinations around the world. Now, the T-Shirt designing business has become a method of personal expression. It is a great way to express an individual’s personal views and likings.

The entrepreneurs who seriously run their own T-Shirt businesses gain a lot of personal as well as financial growth. People who want to start this business and want to design and sell T-Shirts from home; can look up amazing opportunities with the following five online companies.

  1. TeeSpring:

For custom design T-Shirts, TeeSpring is a crowdfunding and e-commerce platform. It is a website that allows you to transfer your creativity on a T-Shirt without giving any up-front costs. Anyone with great ideas can create the design and TeeSpring allows you to share your campaign through email, your website, or through social media networks of your choice.

The cost of your T-Shirts with TeeSpring starts with a basic T-Shirt of $5.75 with a design and text with a total cost of $7.40. With your campaign, if you choose to sell 50 T-Shirts at a price of $12.00 each, then you will be able to earn a profit of $229. The larger profit will be reaped with larger sales of your product.


      2. Spreadshirt:

This is another platform for personalized T-Shirts; it promotes the creative ideas of people on quality fabrics. It allows the designers to start an online shop without any charges and interact with their customers and set their own commissions.

If you have got a unique design, you can earn $1.50 on creating and on each design that will be sold.


       3. Zazzle:

Zazzle is a platform that gives everyone the power to create anything imaginable. It encourages diverse and unique ideas to bring one’s imagination to life. They have the latest software hardware technologies along with manufacturing processes to transfer ideas onto different products. The designing here is not limited to T-Shirts only, the artwork can be done for coffee mugs, walls, office supplies, and electronic accessories as well as including jewelry, and pillowcases.

This platform allows people to open up a free designer store, choose the store name, select a product to add the design to, and to posts the created design for sale. No upfront costs are applied on Zazzle and designers can set Royalty rates from 5% to 99%. The product is produced and shipped directly to the customer through the Zazzle platform. Although the T-Shirt pricing on Zazzle is a bit high it does not limit the designers to any number to sell their product.


        4. Cafepress:

Cafepress helps its customers to bring their passion to life with over one billion items. This online global community serves more than two million designers who create their own individual products. This platform was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. All the products are produced in the USA including the crowdfunded custom T-shirts and apparel.

The Cafepress platform does not require any upfront cost and allows its customers to design their products, create a campaign, set a goal, and make sales. The customers are allowed to promote their products through email and social media and earn profits once the sales are successfully made.


These companies offer inexpensive ways to start an online T-Shirt business and make it easier to sell the designed T-Shirts, leverage crowdfunding, and guide customers to grow their business.


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