Making money online – is it real and how do you do it?

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Making money online sounds attractive to many people, but how can you make it a reality? We will show you some examples here.

No matter how much making money online is normalized, when it comes to ourselves, we often can’t imagine making money using the “unconventional” methods. However, these methods are becoming quite the opposite these days, but we are yet to get used to it. 

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Everything can become digital if we are creative enough, at least when it comes to making money off of something by doing it online, marketing it that way, or doing something entirely internet-connected. Let’s see some of the most common yet useful examples.

Helping students

This can vary in many ways, which is good because you can choose what suits you the best. If you want some extra cash, and you don’t have too much free time, then helping students with their homework can be just for you. There are websites where students can post their assignments, so you can help solve them. If you are into languages, or you are an English speaker (or even better, a teacher), maybe in this time of the pandemic, or if you are merely tired of commuting, you can teach online. You will need a University degree, a short test where your future boss can see that you know the basics of teaching, and you will be good to go. Many websites won’t look for a degree if you are a native speaker. Our advice is to check if you have the patience for teaching and choose accordingly if you are going to teach adults or children. If you think you can teach online outside of any company, even better. Ask around, and you may land an online job by yourself!


Freelancers have been active for more than a decade now, and have become established digital nomads. There are a couple of leading platforms where you can find a job within your niche, whether you are an illustrator or a producer. It’s desirable to have a solid portfolio already since it’s going to be much easier to land an offer. If you are starting out, then you’ll have to be patient and send offers yourselves, a lot like a motivational letter. Don’t let this discourage you – it’s a matter of selling skill but luck as well! Once you land a job, you will start building your portfolio online, which can only benefit you further. 

Virtual Assistant

Yes, virtual assistants (or VA) are a real thing, and it’s equally demanding as being next to the person you are working for. There are benefits since you won’t have to go from one destination to another numerous time a day, but you are still there to respond to various emails, check your client’s schedule, and you often get a chance to go on a paid business trip. This has become a wanted job over the past few years since it offers more flexibility office-wise, and it can bring you great recommendations together with upgrading your knowledge. And it’s done online!


When Bitcoin started trending, everyone got interested in online trading. However, this is not the only thing you can trade online. Forex (foreign exchange) is a trading market that operates solely online and offers a variety of opportunities from trading various currencies to cryptos. Forex trade is one of the effective ways to make money online, once you’ve done your research. What you should focus on, before opening a trading account is checking if the brokerage (and the broker) are certified and have a license for work. This prevents scams and keeps you safe. Also, be sure to talk with your broker about your financial goals and what you would like to achieve. This is instead a way of making money that will bring you success over a more extended period.

Freelance writing

Another great way if you like writing, but you are looking for a way to build your name. Websites like are offering partnerships where you can publish an article, and depending on popularity (aka clicks), you can get a fair amount of money. There is no limit to how many articles you can write, which is an excellent thing if you don’t perform well under pressure. Topics may vary from politics to beauty. It’s up to you to choose what you are passionate about and what you like. Your style plays a significant role, so check out what people want to read and try adjusting your style to that, but keep your signature. This will give you a fresh view of writing, and you will be rewarded as well!

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