7 ways you are smarter then you realize

It is humans who are curious to know how they stack up against their peers. That is especially true when it comes to comparing their intelligence level. Most people spend their lives without knowing how smart they are. But IQ is a difficult thing to measure and you never can be certain where you stand without any professional help.

But research has provided some interesting clues that link early life experiences to high intelligence. Following are the few signs that you are smarter than what you think of yourself:

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You are anxious:

Researchers have found out that a little anxious person is better than others. a little bit of anxiousness is helpful in modern life and can make you surpass your peers in a better way. Studies have shown that people who are anxious put more effort into their work and are focused on executing their tasks.

An early reader:

Science has found out that individuals who start reading early in their younger years have higher IQ levels. Learning to read early has a development impact that makes kids smarter. So if you were one of the early readers, it might have made you smarter than the rest of the people.

You are highly adaptable:

Intelligent people are flexible and have the ability to thrive in any kind of situation. If you are someone who focuses on what can be done regardless of the complications or restrictions that have been placed upon you then don’t be shy to consider yourself as one of the smart people.

You have an insatiable curiosity:

It is not important to have any special talent to be intelligent, you should only be passionately curious in whatever you do. As an intelligent person, you allow yourself to be fascinated by things other people usually take for granted.

You have high self-control:

Impulsiveness is something that is hard to take control of, but smart people know how to overcome it by exploring alternative strategies and considering consequences before they begin. Studies have found a strong link between self-control and intelligence. So if you demonstrate self-control while working towards your goals, then you are also one of the smart people.

You are funny:

Intelligent people have a great sense of humor as researchers have found a strong connection between being funny and having high scores in both verbal intelligence and abstract reasoning.

You wonder a lot about the universe and the meaning of life:

Intelligent people are considered to worry about a lot the meaning of their life and the existence of the universe. If you are always asking about the reasoning behind everything then you may be better equipped to understand a situation from different perspectives.

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