How to make money on the internet: 33 ways to make money

33 ways to earn money online

Nowadays many people prefer to earn money online as a convenient and viable means of generating income. In this era, its become easy to earn from the comfort of your home because of the advancement of technology and Internet-based opportunities. Making money online helps you to increase flexibility, earning potential, diversification of income streams, accessibility, and career development. The Internet has countless opportunities that are waiting for you.  Here are some 33 ways through which you can make money online. So let’s explore some amazing ways to make money online.

Teaching online:

Educators are able to earn a living while teaching students around the world from home. Are you a teacher and subject matter expert or an aspiring one? Then it is going to be a promising career for you. You just need to select a specific subject and set up your online presence and start offering your quality services.

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Freelance writing:

Making money online is possible if you enjoy writing. it would be an excellent way, so you can write blog posts, articles, website copy, and social media content for client’s websites, and even starting your own blog is a good idea too. There are multiple other options as well including academic writing, copywriting (discussed below), content writing, technical writing, Resume/CV writing, or ghostwriting. Here you have tons of ideas to get started with, pick one, and start earning money online.

Create and sell courses on Udemy:

Create a course on Udemy if you are an expert in a particular field or subject matter expert. This is a great way in which you have to design a particular course at once and any student from around the world can purchase it and start learning at his or her own pace. The opportunity to earn money online by sharing your expertise is a lucrative one. Creating high-quality courses that meet the need of your audience will get amazing results and with time passage positive word of mouth can bring more student enrollment.

Start your blog:

Blogging will be a great way of earning money online by sharing knowledge and interest with the world. It will be a rewarding and fulfilling way to share your passion and earn money online. By selecting a niche in which you are a subject matter expert, set up your blog, start generating quality content, build your audience, monetize your blog, start selling affiliate products, and provide value to your audience.

Sell Photography:

If you have skills in photography you can sell your photography on stock photography websites like shutter stock and adobe stock. These platforms allow you to sell your photography and earn a percentage of sales.

Build an e-commerce store:

People prefer to do shopping online for their convenience and that is why the popularity of online shopping is increasing on daily basis. Having an e-commerce store would be a great opportunity in the online field. you just want to select a specific niche and then a product. Do market research and competitor analysis, use any online tool, or do manual product hunting, sourcing, and creative designing. After the completion of all the prerequisites, start creating a website on your desired platform, drive traffic organically or through advertisements, convert visitors into customers, do a pick-pack ship, and enjoy selling. This is how you can build a successful e-commerce store and start earning money through it.

Voice over:

Doing voice-over which will be used in a variety of media including television, radio commercials, animated films and television shows, video games, e-learning modules, etc.

Online bookkeeping:

Online bookkeeping will also be a great way for earning money online as offering virtual bookkeeping and accounting services for online small businesses. If you have skills related to accounting or finance you can provide bookkeeping services to your client, as it involves keeping track of financial records and transactions for beginners or individuals using online tools and software.


Currently, podcasts are a well-liked format for sharing thoughts, ideas, and tales with a global audience. If you put in the time and effort to develop a dedicated audience, podcasting has a lot of promise for financial reward. The only need for choosing to make money through affiliate marketing, premium content, and sponsorships is to create high-quality material that appeals to your audience.

Online video editing:

If you have skills in video editing so it will also be a great way of earning money online as every content creator and business requires a video editor for their content. In this digital age, as visual content is increasing so demand for video editors is also increasing. You can offer video editing services in the freelancing marketplace like Upwork,, etc. with the right strategy and marketing you can easily build a successful online business around video editing.

App development:

App development is also a very amazing way to earn money online which just needs a good skill set related to app development. As an app developer, you can offer your services to different freelance marketplaces. There are ways through which can give your income streams like in-app purchases, displaying ads within your app, subscription-based models and finally selling your app. The only key is to create high-quality apps that resonated with your target audience.

Start Youtube channel:

youtube is a powerful platform for content creators. On Youtube, you will find endless opportunities to build a followership, share your passion and interest and also make money. Select your niche and start creating visual content on your youtube channel, which create many ways of earning through Ads and affiliate.

Write and publish ebooks:

If you are passionate about writing and have expertise in a particular niche then writing an ebook will be a great way. As an aspiring digital products seller, there are many platforms or marketplaces where you can sell your E-books & you can sell on your own website as well which is ultimately flourishing, successful, and a great way to earn money online.

Build websites:

You can offer your website creation services involving front end, back end, and any other development solution. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote website-building tools or place ads on your site. furthermore, selling services or products through a website or via freelance marketplaces would be a great way to earn money online As every business and organization requires a website, you can also build your career by offering these services on a freelance marketplace.

Become an online translator:

As an online translator, you can offer translation services on different freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and guru. You can set up your profiles on these platforms, showcase your skills, and bid on translation projects related to your language.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is also a great way of online earning by selling affiliate products and getting a specific commission on them. It involves choosing the right category, selecting an affiliate program, choosing products to promote, creating content, and driving and tracking traffic.

Sell your designs online:

If you are a graphic designer and have good skills in designing so you can create unique designs and sell them as digital products which you can sell them on different platforms like Etsy etc.

Sell handmade products:

Turning your passion into a profitable venture, and selling handmade products requires a combination of creativity, hard work, and strategic planning. Selecting a profitable niche and then creating high-quality handmade products and selling them on different e-commerce platforms or stores.

Start vlogging:

With the increasing popularity of visual content vlogging is also getting popular nowadays The best way to stand out in vlogging is to choose a niche, create high-quality engaging content, stay consistent, and build an audience. There are also several ways including youtube monetization, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship offers.

Sell Your art and designs:

By turning your graphic designing passion into a profitable career, you can sell your digital art and designs on different platforms as a digital product, which results in generating passive income. You can sell these designs on Etsy and Teespring.

Digital Marketing services:

Offering digital marketing services is also a great way as every institution and business needs digital marketing services, so it’s high in demand. You can also use digital marketing for your own branding and selling your services.

Create a membership site:

Creating a membership site is another excellent way to make money online. Membership sites generate revenue by selling access to exclusive content via subscription plans. You can divide members’ privileges and determine which content they can access using a tiered membership system.

Developing and selling websites, domains, and apps:

This would also be a great way for generating passive income as these are considered digital assets. It requires keeping eye on market trends. It would be a great way of passive income.

Social Media Management services:

Giving social media management services to your clients for their businesses is also a great way. As every business needs social media management services for their businesses. It includes scheduling content for your client, focusing on sales, and handling customer services.

Create and sell stock videos:

Having skills in videography you can sell stock videos and animation. It will be profitable side hustle and even a full-time career. Identifying your niche, creating quality video, editing stock videos, and uploading on stock video platforms like Shutterstock, adobe stock, and iStock.

Offer SEO services for website:

Offering SEO services to businesses can be a profitable way to make money. As every business either small or large scale requires SEO experts for their websites to rank on google organically. So it will be a great way to earn money online by giving these services to freelancing marketplaces.

Create and sell stock graphics:

Creating and selling stock graphics will be a great source of passive income. Graphic designers will create unique graphics and sell them on different platforms which can be a source of a passive income stream.


Learning copywriting skills and practicing them and building a high-quality portfolio will help you to stand out as a copywriter in the industry, as every business needs a copywriter for generating sales. It would be a great skill through which you can earn money online in a great way.

Sell personalized email templates or newsletters:

Selling personalized email templates and newsletters could be a business opportunity for anyone with a talent for design or copywriting. You can sell customized products that meet the need of clients so you can build your career in an exciting field.

Become a language tutor:

If you have an excellent command of a specific language and have excellent communication skills then start teaching that language online, you can also earn by creating a course and selling them on various platforms.

Sell Digital Products:

You can earn a good income by selling digital products online. As it is a great way to earn money online as they are easy to create, deliver and scale for online businesses. By creating digital products such as ebooks courses, templates, printables, software, and more that provide value to your target audience. Digital products are lifetime products that can be sold without any hassle, which means there is no shipping involved. it has its own perks and benefits. The biggest marketplace is, where millions of buyers visit and purchase the desired products on daily basis..

3D modeling and animation skills:

Having a skillset of 3D modeling and animation, you can offer these services on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, guru, etc.

Content creation:

Content creation is also a way through which you can generate income, just you need to identify your niche in which you are a subject matter expert. Start making content in the form of blogs or visual content and then start uploading on different platforms. you can earn money by creating content by generating money from ad revenue, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.


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