YouTube now lets users translate, describe the videos in all languages

Adding translated video titles and descriptions to videos so that fans can easily find their favorite videos in their own language has been a demand for many years. And now, with the latest YouTube’s update, bilingual viewers can now help their most popular YouTube video star to translate video titles in other languages.

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The basic purpose of YouTube platform is to create a place that includes people speaking a variety of languages. Currently, the platform has viewers who speak a total of 76 languages. According to the YouTube, this update regarding the video titles indicates that YouTube stars can easily get their videos translated so that a wide number of audiences can enjoy and understand a user’s content.

For this purpose, the creators will have to get the Community Contributions activated in order to allow their audience to assist with the translations. This can be done through the settings menu on their channel. From April 6-24, YouTube will be having a Boot Camp which will involve content creators to actually learn how to use the tools of translation. According to YouTube, the crowd translation opened subtitles in 2015 on which up till now, 900,000 people have already contributed.

Normally, around two-thirds of a creator’s audience watch time comes from outside their home country. Therefore YouTube’s approach involving the crowd to help with the translation of video title can be a great way to grow its international audience. This will make all the videos more accessible to people speaking and understanding other languages.

Via: Venture Beat

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