Uber improves the app’s location issues

All around the world, the taxi startup Uber seems to be doing pretty well. After years of service, this startup has even expanded its horizon to Asian countries but all along the whole journey, the users have been facing one major issue. The problem with Uber ride-hailing service is that once users set the pickup location and the ride has been confirmed, it is impossible to change it.

For users it is troublesome as for changing a pickup location, they need to cancel the confirmed ride and then schedule it again all over. This involves risks of getting the fee canceled for the previously scheduled ride. But now, Uber has come up with a solution to this problem for its users.

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It has recently announced a feature that will require users to just the “edit” button present next to the pick location and enter the new address.

The drivers will be notified either through the partner’s app’s built-in navigation or even if they are using Google Maps, which is a third-party product. The company claims that with the introduction of this feature, there have been fewer canceled rides. This is a big relief for both passengers and the Uber drivers. But for now, this feature is just available for iOS users based on Canada, US, and the UK. For the time being, millions of Android users who avail the service have been blocked out. But, the service may be expanded with the passage of time.

This feature is much better than the Uber’s “suggested pickup points” if users are in any unfamiliar city. But even these suggested pickup locations can be changed now with this new feature. This is definitely the best way to get to any place. Uber’s innovative feature definitely makes this taxi ride much smarter than the typical taxis.

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