Adobe knows how to copy realistic photo styles from one picture to another

Although advancements in tech have gone through a major shift during previous few years but it seems that it’s only now that researchers at Adobe have actually found the ability to transfer photo styles from one photo to another. It is similar to Prisma which turns an image into a well-known painter’s art piece. Instead, this project mimics the shades and lighting in a photo regarding a reference image.

That’s a very interesting development as users can now turn an image shot on a sunny morning into as an image that looks like it was taken at dusk. This will include a reference image shot in the evening along with matching weather conditions. The outcomes will show no signs of shape alterations. But what’s most exciting about this feature is that it uses the algorithm that can make clever adjustments. Also, this feature eradicates issues of copying from a reference image.

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This has been achieved long after researchers have understood the use of deep learning techniques in order to capture the lightning and color hints from the reference images. It also works to constraint the transformation so that the changes applied in a natural way and targets the image without coloring outside the boundaries.  This technology gives users the ability to create anything they imagine and this technology might make it into a commercial photo editing tool such as Lightroom applications or Adobe’s Photoshop. Interested? please check out the research paper

Via: The Next Web

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