Google launches new certification program for mobile developers

In today’s world, everybody needs mobile business applications because of which the demand for mobile site developers is at an all-time high. But the tech research shows that a backlog is being faced the area of mobile site development. To cover up for this, Google has recently launched a new certification program for mobile site developers.

The certification program is basically an exam that covers everything including the how to improve mobile site speed, effective mobile UX design as well as focuses on complicated issues such as progressive web applications. According to Google, for mobile site developers passing the exam would provide a way to demonstrate the ability to for building and optimizing high-quality sites. It will also allow the developers to promote them as a Google endorsed mobile site developer.

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Google states that reason for the majority of developers to leave a site is its speed and the average load time for a mobile landing page is 22 seconds. Therefore Google focuses a lot on a site’s speed. Interestingly, the exam does not focus on iOS, Android, or any other mobile operating system. The content basically covers Google’s own accelerated mobile pages project. For AdWords and Analytics, the certification program seams with a similar exam in Google’s Partner Program. As you need to pass more than one exam for AdWords certificate so it seems a bit more complicated.

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Via: The Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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