Samsung’s Bixby assistant can be tried on older smartphones as well

It hasn’t been long since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and what’s fascinating about the device is the Bixby Assistant. This AI assistant is currently only available with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. For getting the new smartphone, fans seem to be in a rush to enjoy the new features. But what about those who plan to stick with older Galaxy smartphones for a while?

For those who are not in a mood to switch to the new phone, they can enjoy Bixby on their old Samsung’s handset. According to the developer’s forum, you can try the feature as long as your phone runs Android Nougat. Along with the necessary installation APKs, a Samsung phone with Android 7.0 is also required. Also, users will have to replace their existing launcher with an S8 launcher on their smartphone.

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But it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for everyone to achieve that. Those who try may face various issues with their phone’s camera. They may experience some problems with the voice recognition as well. Still, this is going to be worth a try in order to enjoy the feature of a phone you don’t wish to buy soon.

Moreover, Bixby is a smart assistant that can schedule important information for its users on a panel. It can be then accessed by swiping on the home screen. Bixby can do a lot of things such as it can take a selfie, search for products by taking photos that users want to buy, and can also call the contacts.

The Android Authority firmly believes that the AI Assistant Bixby will be very much successful. Being backed by a tech giant such as Samsung can give any service an extremely good start and for old Samsung phone users, it is nice to give it a try. Click here to learn the process.

Make sure you have Android Nougut installed in your smartphone.


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