WhatsApp now makes text formatting slicker

WhatsApp has always been making efforts to make its conversations look more visually interesting. The recent update has made the app’s formatting functionality more improved. Now, the app allows the users to change the appearance of their messages by emphasizing certain phrases or words.

Before the update, users had to remember the range of commands to change the appearances. The app has managed to clean the feature by making the process much more user-friendly. Now, for formatting, all you need to do is tap and hold the highlighted text. Then on the pop menu, select the key of More Options and tap the formatting option of your choice.

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This is the kind of update that will make the formatting functionality much easier. Also, more additions have been made to the emoji search option. With the update, now suggestions will be given to users when they type a word. This means users can use a crying face while trying to tell somebody that you have been crying.

The update is not limited to emojis. It encourages even those users who do not use emojis at all and push them towards embracing the cartoonish emojis. But for people who use emojis very often, the update can help them to make it easier to find the appropriate emoji. The basic aim of this update is to make the app more varied and visually engaging.

Via: Independent

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