4 important Tools to lower anxiety

Anxiety is something that we encounter throughout our lives. Although it is not a comfortable experience it is an evolutionary adaptive emotion that saves us and prepares us to deal with the anticipated stressors. Anxiety is good up till it is informative and motivating but too much of it can paralyze the mind. It is so powerful that it can put you in a panic mode by sending blood to our mind to an extreme that puts it into a fight or flight mode rather than making it think to solve a terrible situation.

The good thing is that you are not powerless against anxiety. Following are the few ways you can lower your anxiety levels and perform sensibly in a difficult situation.

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  1. Hear your anxiety:

    Suppressing your anxiety does not help getting rid of it; instead, it makes it worse. The best way is to listen to what your anxiety actually has to say. Make a space for it in using mindfulness. Remind yourself that the experience you are having is not permanent and will go away son. Practicing yoga and meditation can be really helpful for this purpose.

  2. Say something supportive to yourself:

    When we see people in trouble, we often say things to them that are supportive. But unfortunately, when we experience the same situation yourself, we forget to say such things to our own self. Words of encouragement are as important to us as they are to other people. They keep us motivated and bring us into a calm and relaxed situation.

  3. Be certain if possible:

    When anxiety is high, there is a lot of possibility for the confusion and uncertainty to creep in which make the experience more troublesome. Therefore be as much certain during anxiety as you can, you need to be confident and tell yourself that you will make through.

  4. Where it’s impossible, let go of the control:

    We often suffer anxiety when things get out of our control and we try to have them in control again. Anxiety pressurizes us to gain control when we don’t have the ability to do it. Therefore, a good thing for lowering anxiety is to let go of the thought that you want to control things.

Via: Forbes

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