Websites to Learn Coding from

Learning how to code can help you to become a much better entrepreneur. You can dive in when your team needs to fix a few bugs on the site. But nowadays, it seems impossible to learn to code for free. But for the purpose, you need to reach out to the resources that can help you learn to code free of any cost.

Following are the few websites available on the internet that can help you learn coding for free.

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  1. Codecademy:

    For beginners, this is a good place to get started. It provides the projects that help you to understand the basic concepts. This website provides forums for discussion, programming languages glossaries along with blog posts and articles.

  2. Codewars:

    This is a website that helps you sharpen up your coding skills with the help of a coding dojo. It helps to progress through ranks by facing more complicated challenges. It also gives you a chance to discuss challenges with others in the community.

  3. The Odin project:

    This is a free version of the prestigious Viking Code School. It teaches skills to help advance in the web development career. It provides tools to connect with other learners which help to trade tips or team up on projects.

  4. CodeFights:

    This is a website that helps to solve real life issues by finding solutions to a wide variety of coding problems. It has a game like structure which gives the player an opportunity to progress further.

  5. Khan Academy:

    This is an educational platform that provides content on subjects ranging from math to music. It begins with courses such as the Intro to JS or Intro to HTML/CSS and then moves to advance levels.

Via: Forbes

Want a Free Website