The Future – Automated Travel Industry

In today’s world Efficiency and fluidity are everything and the phrase time is moneystill holds the same importance. Modern corporate travel is no different. In the last few years, the growth of travel technology has been phenomenal and still continues to grow at a rapid pace because of its great benefits to employee performance and customer experience. Globally the travel and tourism industry is embracing automation to up-scale its overall performance, productivity and growth.

However, in Pakistan, the scenario is a bit different as we can see in travel agencies especially many small travel agencies the important and a large part of a travel agency’s operations are done by hand – manually. This definitely takes up a lot of employee’s time. 20 minutes might look a little time but it really matters how you use these 20 minutes. For a whole year or for a complete month these 20 minutes each day become a greater segment of employees work hours. 20 minutes every day makes it thousands of hours a month – worth the work of several employees.

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For example, if a certain travel agency needs 20 minutes in processing each of the tickets and if the travel agency gets around 5000 tickets a month it becomes nearly 2000 hours worth of work. With automation (using travel soft wares) this and other important tasks of a travel agency can be done in much less time. Travel companies that shift from manual working and upgrade, ought to be able to automate their vital processes, thereby saving time and money while freeing up employees to complete more useful tasks with focus and improved quality.

The travel industry has become a crowded field and whoever is providing services as per innovative market trends stands out. To forge a sustainable relationship with the clients, it’s very important for the travel agencies to give importance to the contents they market and certainly travel software can be of big help in this. In the overall world around many travel agencies are partnering with the technology firms like aggregators to enhance their proximity towards customers because it matters!

There are many manual activities that travel agents come across as a part of their work routine that can be replaced by automation using the software. Below are common processes any travel agencies can automate for themselves using travel software provided by software providers such as Phptravels (


It is an Online reservation system – The complete booking software system to automate travel site. This module offers the day-wise discount through which you can book a day-use hotel if you require it only for a day stay. With this module, you can set seasonal rates to charge different rates for your rooms according to a season like a winter package, summer package or any occasion. Moreover, this module is featured with Hotel Extranet system to manage the storage and distribution of information for resorts, hotels and hosts of loading facilities and much more like  “room wise setting” to “unlimited member accounts”, this module offers.


It is airline Ticketing Software with Flight Booking engine inbuilt. It offers flight listing feature that is a complete real-time Online Air Reservation System developed under the CodeIgniter framework. Highlights of this feature are Advance tour search based on Flight Type, Destination, City, and Departs from, Departure Date, Price, Discount Offers and many more. With flight list feature you can manage customized air schedule to change the fly time. From ‘last minutes deals” to “popular flightsi:e Booking flight tickets to the world’s most popular destinations at the best price, this feature offers a great deal. This air ticket reservation application offers Powerful, Flexible & Opensource code to Use Online Booking Reservations Script.


It is a Vacation Package Booking System – API / XML Holidays Packages Booking engine software. With a fully integrated reservation system this solution takes care of all your reservations from air to car to hotels to inventory and to back-office processes, isn’t it amazing? And Enabled with rating module that is auto-approved and can be managed through an edit or delete reviews and also can give ratting to the website so that people know about & also can make it’s best. This online travel tour module helps in managing the business as well as to sell product and services. It also increases the efficiency of the business.


It has complete cars rental and booking platform to grow the rental business for cabs and cars. The PHP-based cars reservation software will help you enhance customer service and manage your cab rental business online. With this module, you can manage the car inventory and bookings directly on the website very easily hence making the Car Rental Script a powerful online booking system. Shuttle Booking Script is a point-to-point transfer booking system solution designed to provide airport shuttle operators and transfer companies with the right tools to handle customer enquiries.


Manage your site’s pages with simple clicks. It has the best editor in the market so you can manage your content easily without adding further codes to pages. It also has many other Powerful tools to manage entire websites pages from simple admin panel with zero technical skills just add page and manage it.


It is a complete module for booking last minute and offers for travel-related discounts. This module is an offer system. With this module, it is very easy for the client to get in touch with the admin via call or message. It offers to manage the database. All the offers are being managed by admin or admin staff of the website and the data is being saved instantly in a database.

Applications like those offered by Phptravels ( scan the documents swiftly and load them into the client’s server within a moment. The best feature about this application is that even though the user is offline, the tasks can still be carried out and it will automatically get synchronized to the client’s database when the internet resumes.

The future is always open to those who are ready to change accordingly. By change, it means gradually upgrading the services and adapting to the recent developments in the travel domain. It is important for the success and growth of the companies otherwise they are destined to disrupt sooner or later.   

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