Facebook is disabling random user accounts

A few days back Facebook was mistakingly identifying random posts and pictures against community standards. Now there are reports that some Facebook accounts are disabled mistakenly although they belong to an authentic user.

If your Facebook account is disabled, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many accounts have been disabled by Facebook to confirm their identity.

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Facebook has tightened the strings in order to promote complete transparency and confirm the true identity of a profile. This includes putting an axe on the accounts whose identity is dubious, does not match with the name and pictures.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to make the world’s largest social media networking website clean and authentic, the company has mistakenly disabled some Facebook accounts, temporary though. Perhaps it is the case of wrong identification but it is causing a lot of trouble to genuine users.

If you are unable to login into your Facebook account and have received an email that your account is disabled, you will have to provide them with proof.

The company asks for your User Name and a Government-issued ID card. The information is requested to verify the originality of the account and confirm the identity of the user.

The step of randomly disabling accounts comes in a time when Facebook has received severe criticism from blogs and news about the fake accounts. Especially, when the company says it has over 2.3 billion active users. The speculation that the majority of accounts are not authentic has far stretched to the desks of negative ad peddlers who have used this news to bash openly at Facebook.

What to do if my account is disabled?

If you are the authentic owner of the account, there is nothing much to worry about. You have to go through the process of verification. It’s a little hassle but you will gain back control of your account.

By clicking this form, you need to provide your name as it appears in your government-issued identity card, upload a picture of the identity card to confirm your identity.

Facebook takes about a week (some times a bit longer) to prove the credentials and unlock your account. Keep a close eye on your email with instructions to further secure the account once the access is enabled.

How to protect your account if you are still safe?

For users who can still access their Facebook account, it is important to populate the account with two-factor authentication, fill in the list of trustable contact who could help you in case you are unable to login to your account and also in case your account is hacked.

Please provide your phone number in the account settings and make sure you follow the instructions to secure your account.

This will save you from any hassle in the future.


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