5 signs how a bad boss can ruin your career

A strong boss is someone with a firm handshake and a commanding voice tone and an ability to lead whereas there are some visible signs that reflect upon a bad boss. We think that a person has to be decisive and have all the answers to the questions but now we know more. A strong boss is someone who knows how to be flexible with the environment and be fearless to lead. We know so much about a strong boss and know very less about a boss who is weak.

A weak boss is one who can bring down the entire team no matter how passionate and hardworking the individuals are. They bluster, yell at people, and manage everything through fear. They may use a commanding tone of voice but that is to keep others away from asking them questions. You can ruin your career if you are working under such a boss. One needs to understand the difference between a good and a bad boss.

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Following are the signs that you can be aware of it:

They don’t know what to do next:

An important sign of a weak boss is that he or she does not know what they are supposed to do next. They are not aware of their moves and are not capable of asking for help where they get stuck. Even if such managers are asked to take help, they don’t consider it an option and prefer to go even with the wrong option. Bad bosses don’t even show the gestures from a boss that build confidence in employees

They blame others:

Weak bosses are very quick to throw the blame on one person when something wrong happens. Instead of accepting their own mistake, they find it easier to blame the people who cannot raise their voices against them. A weak boss never takes responsibility and never tries to learn from their mistakes.

They don’t accept they don’t know:

You cannot have all the knowledge about everything. This is something that is completely not understood by the weak bosses. Instead of accepting that they don’t know the answer to something, they blame others for interrupting. They do not believe in learning throughout the process; instead, shun others from doing that too.

They get easily distracted:

This is the quality of weak bosses that don’t let them achieve success i.e. they get easily distracted. Instead of focusing on their real goals, they easily get sidetracked by small and insignificant things. With such bosses, you can not impress your boss on a daily basis for better career growth.

They find it hard to say sorry:

For a weak boss, saying “I am sorry” is a sign that shows they are weak and vulnerable. When something goes wrong, a strong leader never hesitates to apologize but a weak leader does not say that at all. A weak boss does not know how to do a conversation like a boss.

A weak boss does not think he or she can be criticized and therefore, doesn’t accept any kind of feedback.

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