7 gestures from a boss that build the confidence in employees

Bosses see leadership qualities in their employees before they see themselves. They give people the opportunity to step up and be heard. But you don’t always have the courage to be open to your boss but in reality, you can learn a lot from their experiences. Jessica Alba, an actress, and businesswoman, recently remembered a valuable lesson she learned from her toxic boss. She stated that working with people who are condescending actually limits a person’s ability to thrive. The feeling of not being heard makes it impossible to feel motivated. The experience with people who didn’t hear her taught her how important it is to ensure that everybody gets heard.

These are a few of the meaningful gestures that leaders can show toward employees in order to help them on the path to their success:

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Reframing your own mistakes:

Successful leaders do not view mistakes as the end of the world. Instead, they reframe their own mistakes which gave them opportunities to learn and grow professionally. Great leaders empower their employees to make decisions and even changes without threatening their job.

Being grateful:

One of the aspiring qualities of a good leader is that they live gratefully and are happy with everyone’s success. They do not envy anything that is done well by their employees and celebrate even their small successes.

Treating employees as if they will not always be the boss:

Good leaders always prepare their employees for unexpected events and situations. They always operate their mindset that they won’t always be their boss and make their employees experience different possibilities for their future.

Being honest:

Being honest is important in every field of your life but it becomes crucial when you are working as a leader. Good leaders always remain honest in their words and in their actions. They also tell their employees about their weaknesses and strengths openly and force them to work on improving them.

Show compassion:

Great leaders show compassion to their employees when it comes to supporting them. They are kind towards them and understand what they are going through. A boss can no doubt be a beacon of light for employees and authentic compassion.

Giving employees attention:

Normally, when employees are talking to their bosses, they are multitasking at that time. This discourages an employee to come up with greater ideas. Leaders need to give their employees full attention and make them feel valued because it fuels their employees’ motivation and makes them work harder.

Pushing employees out of their comfort zone:

Being a good boss is really tough because it requires you to push your employees out of their comfort zone. They do not prepare their employees just for one job; they prepare them for other job experiences in life so that they can grow professionally.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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