8 ways to do a conversation like a boss

It may happen that you feel shy and unsure while dealing with friends and business associates. You wish that you become confident and have command authority over such situations. In eth professional world, the ability to hold a natural conversation is the key to success but for that, you need to know certain things in mind. You need to have the sense of when to initiate the discussion, keep it interesting, and the art of ending a dialogue.

If you want to make it clear for other people to understand your point of view and help others to convey theirs, following are the few ways that can help you to do better:

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1. Get an understanding of your audience:

You may be more concern about your gain from a conversation but you should also be mindful of the value of other person’s gain. Instead of wasting time, get to know people before you start a conversation. Plan your conversation based on the time you will have with the other person. If you know time is short, deliver the points that are important and get them across.

2. Avoid interrupting others:

If you interrupt when the other person is talking, you will not be able to listen to what they have to say. You need to listen to what they actually want you to know. They may provide you a kind of information that you have not even considered. Therefore, listen to the other person and plan you remarks accordingly.

3. Take natural breaks:

When you pause during a conversation, it does not at all make you seem less confident. In reality, it makes it easier for the listener to digest the information you are providing. It gives you a chance to keep up with yourself and become more thoughtful of your words.

4. Be direct:

When you are direct in a conversation and convey your knowledge in an assertive way, you are more respected by the listener. You need to show that you are interested in the conversation but are direct about your values and opinions.

5. Don’t be pressurized to say yes:

When you are not satisfied with something, you have the complete right to say “no”. You may fear the disagreement may turn into a conflict but when you don’t stand your grown, the consequences may be more harmful than you even imagine.

6. Summarize your key points:

You may have been clear throughout the conversation. But most of the time, people overestimate about their understanding of a conversation. In order to make it more clear summarize the main points in the beginning as well as ending of a conversation.

7. Keep things interesting:

According to experts in order to make someone remember, you have to say things that have an element of innovation in them. When you make a conversation structure it in a new way by setting an appropriate joke or providing unique information.

8. Do not underestimate yourself:

During a conversation, you may feel inferior due to the extensive knowledge of the other person. But instead of underestimating yourself, ask them about their accomplishments and even tell them that you admire them for their work. You will gain respect as well as the attention of other people.

Via: Entrepreneur

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