Organize bookmarks into private collection through Instagram

In December, when Instagram initially started its bookmarking tool, it capitalized on an existing common behavior across its app which was that people used to save images that had been posted by others. Users on the platform used to see posts that they wanted to look back later.

But now, the Facebook team has recently announced that it will be bringing updates to its book marking feature on Instagram. This addition has been brought in competition with the Pinterest that is known its bookmarking feature. But the new feature on Instagram will make it easier for its users to organize the posts that have been saved by them into their private groupings.

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For users, these will be just folders of their saved images. After saving numerous images ranging a good variety, it might get a little tedious to sort them out. The process is pretty simple, users need to create a collection by opening up their saved images and tap the “+” icon. After that, users need to select the images they would like to add.

This feature would help users to privately save posts to their profile in order to get back to them later instead of downloading the images to a phone’s camera. Right now, the collection is available only for private consumption. On the other hand, Pinterest encourages its users to create and share images with others for seeding its social network with further content.

Still, Instagram’s bookmarking feature has a lot to overlap with Pinterest. For now, the Instagram collections are available on iOS and Android. Hopefully, this feature is something Instagram will be found working on over the coming weeks.

Via: The Next Web

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