Deep sea tourism is a thing to watch out for in the future

Traveling to the deep sea has been a dream for many and if one has watched a documentary about it, it’s pretty understandable then. Getting an opportunity to take a dive in a submersible can be a memorable experience. But for most people, traveling many feet below the surface of the ocean is nearly impossible. But on the other hand, tickets for commercial space tourists have started to sell. And traveling under the sea doesn’t even cost thousands of pounds of rocket fuel.

This idea has emerged in the ocean tourism as a company taking underwater tourists OceanGates. Rush, the co-founder and chief executive of OceanGate has decided to commercialize ocean exploration. For that purpose, the company is focusing on educating the public for clearing the prevailing myths in their minds regarding submarines. According to Rush, there hasn’t been any serious injury in the last 35 years and there have been over 15 million people traveling. The myth that submarines are dangerous isn’t true instead these are the safest vehicles on the planet. Another misconception that prevails among common people is that traveling under the sea is extremely expensive. This was true as most of the expenses previously were generated by government but according to Rush, a private fleet of commercial submarines can lower the costs related to submersible exploration.

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But as the ferrying trips will start with passengers, it will open ways for such companies to fund private research. This will enable a majority of people to explore vast expanses of underwater territory and enjoy a traveling experience much cheaper than space travel.

Via: The Next Web

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