Customers complaining about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 red screens

According to a report, an unusual red tint on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been observed by many customers of the device although the flagship is yet to launch worldwide. The device’s shipping has begun to the South Korean customers who pre-ordered the device. Numerous customers have complained about a mysterious red hue on the screen of the Galaxy S8 which may place others in a confusion to buy the new phone or not.

You might find problems not even anticipated unless the device gets into the hands of thousands of customers. The real point of this assumption is that despite Samsung being very much careful about its new Galaxy S8, the company has started receiving complaints about its device from customers.

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The pinkish or reddish tint is not considered to be related to the hardware and can be fixed by tweaking the device’s screen settings but most of the customers who tried this technique have claimed that they are unable to get rid of the red tint.

According to research analysts, the problem can link to the S8’s deep red OLED technology and because software collaboration issues make the usual white appear reddish.

Samsung right now is much like a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane halfway across the globe. Currently, the company is aiming to sell at least 60 million units but if the red tint issue didn’t resolve, this can prove another fiasco for Samsung.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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