Stay Protected: WhatsApp’s New Security Features Coming Soon

With WhatsApp, your messages are basically as private and secure as an eye-to-eye discussion. Your WhatsApp communications are just as private and secure as speaking to someone in person. WhatsApp will never cease developing new features to give you further privacy protections and greater control over your private communications so that they are always by default end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp will be introducing some extra security features in the upcoming months.


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Account Protect:

If you want to move your WhatsApp account to a new device, WhatsApp will confirm that it’s truly you. As an added security measure, it may from now on prompt you to confirm that you want to take this action on your outdated device. This function can assist in warning you if someone tries to transfer your account without authorization to another device.

Device Verification:

One of the biggest concerns to people’s security and privacy nowadays is mobile device viruses, which can utilize your phone without your consent and use WhatsApp to send unwanted messages. WhatsApp has implemented checks to assist authenticate your account – without requiring any action from you – and better safeguard you if your device is compromised in order to help prevent this. This enables uninterrupted use of WhatsApp.

Automatic Security Codes:

WhatsApp’s security code verification tool ensures that you are talking to the intended recipient. This feature has always been available to most security-conscious consumers. By selecting the encryption tab from a contact’s information, you can manually verify this.

WhatsApp is launching a security feature based on a method called “Key Transparency” that enables you to automatically confirm that you have a secure connection in order to make this procedure simpler and more accessible to everyone. What it implies for you is that you’ll be able to immediately confirm that your private discussion is encrypted when you click on the encryption tab.

In these three ways, WhatsApp is helping to secure our account. WhatsApp can do many things to make security easy for everyone, but only you can turn on two features: two-step verification and the use of encryption.

You can share these additional layers of security with your friends if you already use them in order to ensure more people can benefit from them.

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