WhatsApp’s upcoming update will introduce a new feature called “Channels”

WhatsApp's upcoming update will introduce a new feature called “Channels”

Whatsapp is rolling out a new feature in the update of version This update introduces Whatsapp’s new “Channels” feature which will be available in future Whatsapp updates.


A new feature called “Channels” is in the development phase and refers to a private newsletter tool that will be available in a future update. As it will allow users to receive useful updates from other people they want updates from so these newsletters are designed to be a one-to-many tool for broadcasting information. But this feature is in under development phase and Whatsapp renamed this feature to “Channels”

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The channels will now be available as an optional and separate section within the status bar as the updates section announced in WhatsApp for Android In addition to appearing horizontally in the future, the newly revamped tab also included a redesigned status update interface.

WhatsApp Channels are marked as private tools since personal information such as phone numbers is always hidden. As messages received within the channel won’t be end-to-end encrypted because the concept of one-to-many referred to the channel would not make much sense because a large number of users will be able to subscribe to the channel they preferred. Private messaging will remain end-to-end encrypted as channels will not affect it. Nobody else, not even WhatsApp, Meta, or a proxy provider, can read or listen to your private messages.

This is an optional extension for private messaging and it does not pivot to the public social network so people are always in control of whatever channels they wish to subscribe to and no one can see whom they follow regardless of whether they have added them as contacts or not. As well, there are no algorithmic recommendations or social graphs that push content to users they didn’t choose to see, so people can’t get automatically subscribed to channels.

And Users will be able to search for a specific WhatsApp channel within WhatsApp by simply entering its username, eliminating the need to navigate to external websites. To improve the accessibility of channels this feature is designed and make it easier for users to get their preferred updates. As “Channel” are under the development phase and it will release in the future update of WhatsApp

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