What new feature WhatsApp is working on?

WhatsApp new feature

WhatsApp is a user-friendly instant messaging application that allows you to share pictures and videos with your friends and family in a secure and quick manner. It’s easy to share files, pictures, and videos, and make instant calls with WhatsApp. WhatsApp, which is owned by meta, continues to improve its user experience by updating its feature and introducing new ones. It introduces some features which enhance user- experience.

Users are able to share up to 100 photos at a time:

WhatsaApp new features

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Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allows the user to share media up to 100 at a time. The limit increased from 30 to 100. Currently, WhatsApp is only releasing this feature to beta testers; more users will be able to use it later. To check whether this feature is available in your app or not you have to select media of more than 30. If you are able to select more than 30 media either pictures or videos this means that this feature is accessible on your app and you can easily share media on WhatsApp whether it is images or videos you can share up to 100.

Users can share media with better quality and higher resolution:

Users can easily share media via using WhatsApp, since it compresses the pictures while sending them, despite allowing you to share media. WhatsApp is, however, working on an upcoming feature that will ensure that sending pictures with original resolution and quality will be possible, WaBetaInfo reported Sunday.

Introducing this feature will improve the user experience and be a major update. Additionally, users can select whether to send photos using the standard compression method or in their original quality when sending images. It will remain the default setting, thus allowing those who wish to conserve space to do so. This feature is under development and is not ready to be released to beta testers, as per the WhatsApp news tracker. Currently, the feature is under development and will be released as part of a future update.

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