Dubai Announces Metaverse Custom Officials Training Plan

This metaverse training’s overarching objective is to employ technology to digitize bespoke procedures and boost revenue

Dubai Customs has revealed its intention to integrate the metaverse into its leadership development courses. As a result, customs officers will undergo specific training for conducting business in the metaverse.

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The main objective of this metaverse training program, which is being overseen by the Director-General (DG) of Dubai Customs, Ahmad Mahmood Musabih, is to modernize custom operations and enhance income by deploying effective and budget-friendly technology.

Another initiative geared toward Emirate’s ambition to become a prominent leader in technology is the new metaverse training program.

Digitizing customs operations is undoubtedly challenging since it may take a long time for customs officials to become proficient in virtual responsibilities. Yet, those in charge of the training programmer are committed to giving customs officers a thorough grasp of the Metaverse and are placing their faith in the Metaverse’s capacity to enhance operations.

While integrating metaverse into the customs industry might have both advantages and disadvantages, Dubai Customs underlined the significance of employing this new technology appropriately.

In line with the “Dubai Metaverse Plan” developed by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, Dubai Customs claims that this training program is for customs officials.

According to information regarding the leadership development programmer, it was developed in partnership with the University of Dubai and consists of three modules: Agile Leadership, Innovative Customs Management, and Digitization of Customs Operations.

The leadership development program has so far taught more than 137 custom workers and is a component of Dubai Customs’ strategic strategy for 2021–2026.

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