The Visa Eco Benefits Solution has been launched in Pakistan

Visa Eco-Friendly

Visa reported the send-off of its Eco Advantages arrangement in Pakistan in an organization with the Berlin-based fintech and Visa accomplice ecolytiq and its Maintainability as-a-Service® arrangement.

Visa Eco Advantages will permit Visa backers to add maintainability-centered answers for existing Visa credit and charge items, empowering cardholders to grasp the effect of their spending on the climate, as well as empowering practical utilization and ways of behaving.

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With this new contribution, Visa reaffirms its obligation to drive maintainable trade and environment activity in the installments business, supporting its clients’ goals to satisfy expanding needs from cardholders for manageable and reason drove items.

“As consumer concerns regarding sustainability reach an all-time high, Visa Eco Benefits provide financial institutions with a tool for helping clients better understand their impact, encourage behavior change, and contribute positively to the environment,” stated Otto Williams, SVP Head of Product, Solutions and Partnerships CEMEA.


Visa Eco Benefits:

Visa Eco Benefits includes the following tools:

  1. The carbon footprint calculator: It is a proprietary algorithm that calculates the estimated carbon footprint of a cardholder’s purchases based on transaction details.
  2. Increased rewards: Cardholders who engage in sustainable behaviors in accordance with the bank’s policies.
  3. Charity donations and carbon credits: Through this, customers are able to progress toward their net zero goals.
  4. Personalized education: We provide personalized education to our customers in the form of small content pieces that contain recommendations about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
  5. Sustainable program: Marketing of products & Sustainable card material program with an eco-conscious approach.

A recent GlobeScan study indicates that global concern about climate change is at an all-time high and most people living with children under the age of 18 reports that their children are extremely concerned about environmental problems.

With Visa Eco Benefits, Visa continues to be a climate-positive company, using its products, services, data, network, and brand to drive sustainable commerce and support the transition to a low-carbon economy. Visa announced in 2021 that it would achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement’s target.


“The challenge of sustainability is one of the greatest opportunities for the finance industry,” said Ulrich Pietsch, Co-Founder, and Managing Director of ecolytiq. “Equipped with the right tools like the Visa Eco Benefits bundle, the finance business turns into the main thrust for change by teaching a large number of buyers about their effect and by enabling them to make a powerful environment move to construct the sustainable future we as a whole merit”.


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