New Camera for Facebook Messenger outplays SnapChat

After addition of Stories on Instagram, Facebook’s new Messenger camera has come as a big blow to SnapChat. Facebook has been copying a lot of features from its rival but the addition of a new camera for its Messenger is the greatest shot across the bow.

It’s an exciting addition as the new camera has all the capabilities that SnapChat cameras have. There are a lot of things that can be added to the images such as stickers, emojis, drawings, masks, frames, as well as other effects. It also holds the Prisma-copying feature along with other effects. Even the frames available are holiday themed for the approaching Christmas season such as reindeer mask. A similar camera feature is being tested in Facebook’s main app but that trial is just available Ireland for now.

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Facebook’s new camera for Messenger is not just a copy of SnapChat’s camera; the company has come up with an extremely improved version. It allows its users to add multiple props to their images. It also helps them to create their personal masks instead of sticking to the preset options.

For locating the pre-made art of images, users can type into the search bar or can algorithmically create new text filters for themselves. The users will get notified with the updated new effects of Facebook for trying out with the help of a camera button in the inbox. Users can also capture an image before selecting the recipient they want to send the image to. This will help focus on the image taking process rather than individual conversation. It is a good way to make users more accustomed to their cameras and to persuade them for using Facebook for photos and selfie options as well. Users can easily draw and incorporate stickers to a blank canvas if they are not interested in sharing the available effects.

SnappChat is a lot being copied by Facebook but all the features copied come with improved versions. This makes it a bigger possibility for users to get attracted towards Facebook with a number of possibilities instead of limiting themselves to its rival. This feature is available for both iOS and Android Facebook users around the world.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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