Trump’s meeting, they are finding it hard to accept

rom left, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon; Larry Page, the CEO of Google parent Alphabet Inc.; Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook; Vice President-elect Mike Pence; and President-elect Donald Trump at Wednesday's meeting in New York.

The meeting of tech-elites with the President-elect Donald Trump was hyped as something out of the apprentice. For Trump it turned out more like dancing with the Silicon Valley stars. The meeting involved tech leaders of Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Amazon, IBM, Tesla and many others but Marc Benioff was not present in the meeting.

The meeting with Donald Trump was important from two aspects,

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It was to accept the Trump’s presidency for America and the best strategy to adopt would be to restrain from anything that that influences his behavior apart from what has been displayed on the campaign trail.

Public-company’s CEOs are responsible to their shareholders to avoid making policies that are influenced by government’s aggression. Unless Trump does not endorse any policies that leaders want to avoid but cannot because of facing tougher decisions later on.

Being present at Trump’s meeting might not be endorsement of his policies but his actions were a disgrace to the whole industry. This meeting would have been taken in extreme possible ways if it would have been conducted by Obama or Hillary Clinton.

The presence of attendees of the meeting has been shown in a seating map which includes a group of four most senior technology leaders and the newly elected president Trump. According to this presentation, 20% of the meeting members consisted of president-elect’s children.

Although not legally separated from his business, Trump stated that his children would be running his business from now on. But they were found sitting in the effing room while Trump’s meeting with the tech leaders. To some extent this shows exploitation of the power owned by President’s family.

Few other things seemed completely ridiculous at the meeting. During the campaign we found Trump negatively tweeting about Boeing and Lockheed Martin which directly affected their companies and individual stocks. We are not sure whether that was market manipulation for personal benefits because we are not aware about Trump’s economic interests.

But if the companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Carrier are to be bullied publicly by president of United States in future then standing up for his autocratic tendencies might be a problem for the technical sector. It would be the time to finally reveal industry’s responses towards such atrocities. But for now, this is just the attainment of those seats that are not occupied by the newly elected President Trump’s children.

Picture Source: Getty Images

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