Mercedes launches car sharing service Croove

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a car-sharing service named Croove which is very different from its fellow Daimler-owned services such as car2go or BMW’s ReachNow. These services provide a fleet of cars to be shared in the city but Croove is open to all brands of cars including the privately owned cars to benefit from the service.

Currently Croove is only available as an iOS app but the Android version is assured by the Mercedes to be soon made available along with a desktop website. The process for using the car-sharing service involves owners to fill out a profile for their vehicle with all the options it has. Then the app provides options to the owner for setting the price to rent the vehicle. The vehicle is required to be no more than 15 years old and should be in an upright condition.

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It is simple for the renters as well but they need to be above 21 years of age and should possess a license. After choosing a car of their choice renters can contact the owners of the vehicle. The key can be exchanged by the two users either by meeting in person or the renter can pay a little more for easy pickup and delivery by the owner. After the rental is finished, a checklist in the app will help look for any kind of damage.

But Mercedes wants to nail it to perfection by making it smoother with the development of a PIN-based keyless function. The creation of Croove as an independent entity by Mercedes is an approach towards turning ideas into reality with the help of advancing technology. Mercedes’s CASE strategy which stands for autonomous driving, sharing, connectivity, and electric drive systems also takes Croove into account. This specific strategy also holds the EQ electric mobility brand which involves Generation EQ concept vehicle.

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