Now UAE Employees Can Verify Their LinkedIn Accounts; Here’s how

Now UAE Employees Can Verify Their LinkedIn Accounts; Here's how

LinkedIn members in the UAE, including professionals and employees, now have the opportunity to authenticate their identity information through Persona starting this week. The professional network has set a goal to achieve 100 million verified members by 2025.

Elevating Profile Credibility

Utilizing an identity platform, members can seamlessly incorporate a visible verification badge into their profiles at no cost. This process involves professionals verifying their identity using an e-passport for added security and credibility.

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Empowering LinkedIn Members

Opting for verification on LinkedIn is entirely voluntary for members, and they retain the freedom to remove it at any time. Upon successful verification, a visible badge indicating the verified status may appear on the member’s profile. LinkedIn has the capability to show the issuing country of the passport on the user’s profile.

LinkedIn’s Commitment to Secure Networking

Ali Matar, EMEA Growth Markets Leader, emphasized LinkedIn’s commitment to providing a secure platform where members and customers can interact within a trustworthy and professional community. The additional layer of identity verification aims to empower members to make more informed decisions about the authenticity of individuals and businesses they engage with.

Shared Vision for Authentic Connections

Rick Song, CEO of Persona, echoed a shared vision with LinkedIn, emphasizing the mutual goal of fostering authentic connections irrespective of users’ geographical locations.

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How to Complete Identity Verification

  • Government IDs

To undergo identity verification through Persona, submit a photo of a valid NFC-enabled passport issued in your name.

  • NFC-Compatible Symbol

Ensure your passport is NFC-capable by identifying the biometric symbol on the front cover. The NFC chip is typically located at the back of your passport.

  • Name Matching

The name on your passport must precisely match the name on your LinkedIn profile. In the case of a LinkedIn profile in a different language, alignment with the secondary language profile is essential for successful verification.

  • Devices

Access this verification method through the LinkedIn mobile app, available on iOS and Android platforms. Presently, it is not supported on web browsers. For web browser use, a QR code will be provided for scanning via your mobile device.

  • Camera Access

If not previously granted, the LinkedIn app will request permission to access your mobile device camera. This access is necessary to complete the identity verification process. If permission has been granted, Persona will guide you through capturing a photo of your NFC-enabled government-issued passport.

  • Data Collection and Sharing

While accessing Persona’s verification process within the LinkedIn app, be aware that Persona is responsible for collecting specific personal data required for the verification process. This includes an image of your passport and a selfie.

Persona will request your permission before sharing the following information with LinkedIn:

  1. Your name as it appears on your passport.
  2. The type of ID document you submitted to Persona for identity verification, such as a passport.
  3. Details about the issuer of the ID document.

In essence, this comprehensive identity verification process, coupled with the user-friendly guidelines provided by LinkedIn and Persona, signifies a concerted effort towards creating a secure, transparent, and trustworthy online professional community.

LinkedIn members in the UAE are encouraged to embrace this innovative feature, fortifying their profiles and contributing to the collective goal of building a global network of verified professionals.

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