11 Best Online Selling Platforms in Pakistan

Best Online selling platforms in Pakistan

Consider your most recent purchase. Odds are, it was made through an online transaction. Whether you were acquiring clothing, cosmetics, or even a car, the deal likely unfolded on platforms such as Amazon or eBay. In the contemporary landscape, online shopping has become exceptionally convenient, with a myriad of platforms dedicated to facilitating digital transactions.

The surge in popularity of online selling platforms in Pakistan has been remarkable in recent years. With e-commerce firmly laying out its strength, the inquiry emerges: what is the ideal way to deal with selling online? If you’re an entrepreneur looking for new and imaginative strategies to showcase your items, this blog post is for you. We’ll dive into the absolute most generally utilized online selling sites in Pakistan and analyze the particular elements of each.

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The Growth of Pakistani Online Selling Platforms

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our lifestyles and work has been profound. One crucial aspect that underwent substantial change is our approach to shopping. In Pakistan, the implementation of lockdown measures to curb the virus’s spread led to a significant surge in the utilization of e-commerce platforms. This shift was primarily driven by the necessity for people to stay at home, making visits to physical stores impractical.

Even post-lockdown, a considerable number of individuals continued to prefer online shopping due to its convenience and the perceived safety it offered compared to crowded brick-and-mortar establishments.

Consequently, there has been a noteworthy rise in the prevalence of online selling in Pakistan. Platforms like Markaz and Daraz have experienced growing popularity, and numerous small businesses now exclusively operate online to reach their customer base.

This evolving trend is anticipated to persist as an increasing number of individuals become comfortable with online purchases. Consequently, many entrepreneurs are turning to online selling platforms to initiate and promote their small business ventures.

Best Online Selling Platforms in Pakistan

Here is the complete list of online selling sites in Pakistan for those who want to start selling online and make money:

  • Daraz.Pk
  • Markaz
  • WBMInterntional
  • Best Buy Mall
  • Shopon
  • Telemart
  • Shophive
  • Home Shopping
  • iShopping
  • VMart
  • Goto.com.Pk

These platforms wield significant influence in Pakistan’s e-commerce market and offer a dependable avenue for selling your products online. It is advisable to conduct direct research and contrast different platforms to recognize the one that adjusts most intimately to your necessities.

Let’s assess the pros and cons of every e-commerce platform to gain a more comprehensive comprehension of their strengths and shortcomings.

Daraz.pkBest selling online platforms in Pakistan

  • Date of Establishment: Daraz.pk, the first e-commerce shopping portal in Pakistan, was launched by RI in 2012 with just five employees.
  • Founder of Daraz: Daraz has 6 executives. Daraz’s founder is Farees Shah.
  • Slogan of daraz: A world with endless possibilities.

Key Features

  • Product Variety

Daraz.pk boasts an extensive range of products, covering categories such as electronics, fashion, beauty, home appliances, and more. The platform collaborates with a myriad of local and international brands, providing customers with a diverse and comprehensive shopping experience.

  • User-Friendly Interface

With a user-friendly website and mobile application, Daraz ensures a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. The platform’s intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate through various categories, find products, and place orders effortlessly.

  • Secure Payment Options

Daraz prioritizes the security of online transactions. It offers various payment options, including cash on delivery, credit and debit cards, and a mobile wallet combination. This adaptability takes special care of many clients with fluctuating inclinations.

  • Flash Sales and Discounts

Regular flash sales, promotional events, and exclusive discounts make Daraz.pk an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers. These promotions provide customers with the opportunity to purchase their favorite products at discounted prices.

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings

To enhance transparency and assist shoppers in making informed decisions, Daraz incorporates a robust review and rating system. Customers can share their experiences and provide feedback, helping others make confident choices.

Pros Cons
Convenience Delivery Challenges
Diverse Product Range Product Authenticity Concerns
Regular Promotions


Best online selling platforms in Pakistan

Markaz is the best option for resellers. Markaz stands out because it eliminates the need for any upfront investment from its resellers. This implies that you can kickstart your selling journey on Markaz without fretting about initial expenses. We handle every facet of your business, from supply chain management to logistics and delivery.

Furthermore, Markaz presents a diverse selection of over 10,000 products, ranging from home appliances to apparel, facilitating the discovery of items that resonate with your target market.

Coupled with Markaz’s competitive pricing and user-friendly platform, you can optimize your profits and foster rapid and effective business growth.

Key Features of Markaz:

  1. Ability to Sell within Your Social Network: Markaz empowers you to sell seamlessly within your social network, expanding your reach and customer base.
  2. Reliable Suppliers: Partnering with dependable suppliers ensures the quality and authenticity of the products available on Markaz.
  3. Inventory Management: Efficient inventory management tools help you keep track of your stock levels and optimize your offerings.
  4. Comprehensive Delivery Network: Markaz boasts a delivery network that spans over 1200 cities in Pakistan, ensuring widespread and efficient order fulfilment.
  5. Affordable Delivery Charges: With a nominal delivery charge of PKR 90 per order, Markaz makes the delivery process cost-effective for both resellers and customers.
  6. No Cap on the Markup: Markaz provides the flexibility of setting your markup, allowing you to tailor your pricing strategy to your business goals.

If you are seeking an online selling platform that requires zero initial investment and offers abundant growth opportunities, Markaz is the ideal choice. Through the Markaz App, you can potentially earn up to PKR 45,000 or more, all from the comfort of your home. Markaz provides a lucrative and convenient avenue for individuals looking to embark on or enhance their online selling endeavours.

WBMInterntionalBest online selling platforms in Pakistan

WBM International stands as a prominent e-commerce platform in Pakistan, presenting a diverse array of authentic products across beauty, fashion, and kids categories. As part of the WBM Group established in 2000, WBM International has garnered recognition for delivering high-quality goods comparable to those found on Amazon.com.

A key strength of WBM International lies in the authenticity of its products. Focusing on specific categories allows the platform to meticulously curate its product selection, ensuring the genuineness of each item. This commitment instills confidence in shoppers, providing assurance in the authenticity of their purchases and mitigating the risk of acquiring counterfeit or subpar products.

Another noteworthy advantage is WBM International’s recent inclusion of third-party sellers to its platform. This strategic move not only broadens the spectrum of available products but also extends valuable opportunities for sellers to showcase and vend their merchandise online.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that WBM International might not offer the same extensive product variety as some other e-commerce platforms. This limitation could be a factor for those seeking a more diverse range of products across different categories.

Pros Cons
WBM International specializes in retailing top-tier, authentic products within distinct categories, including beauty, fashion, and kids. WBM International’s item reach may not be as broad as some other e-commerce sites.
As of late, the platform has extended its viewpoints by inviting outsider dealers, making extra roads for sellers to showcase their contributions. Users who are more accustomed to prominent e-commerce platforms might be less inclined to shop on WBM International.

Best Buy Mall

Best online selling platforms in Pakistan

An online marketplace called Best Buy Mall enables vendors to market their products to consumers. The portal sells a range of commodities, such as household goods, appliances, and electronics. Contacting a large number of online buyers is one of the main benefits of using Best Buy Mall as a selling platform. Selling at Best Buy Mall may help it reach a wider audience and possibly boost sales.

The platform’s ease of use for both merchants and customers is another benefit of Best Buy Mall. While customers can browse and buy things from the comfort of their homes, sellers can quickly set up and display their products on their online store. The platform facilitates a seamless and effortless shopping and selling experience by offering many payment choices and an intuitive UI.

It is critical to remember, nevertheless, that Best Buy Mall Center probably won’t be referred to in Pakistan as other online shopping sites. This might reduce how much clients know about the platform and the amount of sales that merchants can close.

Pros Cons
Wide range of products Limited brand options
Competitive Prices Limited seller options
Limited reputation

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Best Online selling platforms in Pakistan

Shopon is an online store that specializes in tech-related goods like smartphones, DSLR cameras, and smartwatches. The price breaks Shopon offers on its merchandise are one of its most notable aspects. Customers searching for a good offer may find this to be extremely enticing.

The platform’s convenience is yet another benefit of Shopon. Since the platform is generally open, clients can make purchases day or night. For individuals who don’t have the opportunity or adaptability to shop during regular store hours, this can be truly useful.

Also, Shopon’s easy-to-use design simplifies it for clients to peruse and make buys. Shoppers can easily find what they’re looking for on the platform because to its simple interface, which includes filters and categories.

A possible drawback of Shopon could be the restricted selection of goods available on the website. In spite of the fact that they provide a scope of innovation-related items, their grouping probably won’t be as broad as other e-commerce sites. This can be a thought for clients looking for a more extensive assortment of products.

All things considered, Shopon is a reliable online store for consumers wishing to get deals on tech-related goods. Despite having a smaller selection of products than some other platforms, many customers may find the platform to be convenient and easy to use.

Pros Cons
Specialized in technology-related products Not have as wide a range of products
Offers discounted rates Issues with the quality of products and customer service
Open 24/7


Best online selling platforms in Pakistan

Telemart is a prestigious online selling platform in Pakistan that has been engaged with online sales and client support for over 27 years. The entrance sells a range of products, like accessories, clothing, and cell phones. It is renowned for producing genuine cell phones and cutting-edge products like gold-plated iPhones.

The reputation of the platform and its existing customer base are two of the biggest benefits of selling on Telemart. With a lengthy experience in the market, Telemart has amassed a devoted following of clients and a solid reputation for high-quality goods and helpful customer support. This might be especially beneficial for vendors that want to connect with a big, reliable audience.

The extensive product selection on the site is another benefit of Telemart. Offering clients a large number of items can assist sellers with improving the probability that they will settle a negotiation. Besides, Telemart furnishes traders with a natural connection point and easy-to-utilize apparatuses to run their online store and monitor deals.

However, considering that Telemart is a notable and popular online shopping destination, it’s vital to remember that it can confront more noteworthy rivalry than other online business platforms. This can make it harder for organizations to attract clients and stand apart from the opposition.

Pros Cons
Telemart is a reputable platform that has a strong history of accomplishments in online sales and customer support. Concerns regarding the platform’s customer service and product quality have been voiced by a few users.
The portal sells a range of goods, such as accessories, apparel, and smartphones. It’s possible that the platform doesn’t provide as many products as other e-commerce sites.
Telemart is renowned for its genuine mobile phone inventions, including iPhones that have been gold-plated.  



Best Online selling platforms in pakistan

Popular in Pakistan, Shophive is an online store that sells office supplies including biometric attendance systems and generators along with a large selection of electrical products like laptops, PCs, and mobile phones.

The unique product specialisation that Shophive offers is one of the main advantages of selling there. Shophive’s specialisation on electronics and office supplies allows them to draw in a certain group of customers who are interested in these products.

The genuineness of Shophive’s merchandise is an additional benefit. Shophive exclusively offers goods that they have purchased directly from manufacturers or licenced distributors, in contrast to other e-commerce sites that permit third-party merchants. This contributes to ensuring the authenticity and superior quality of the goods offered on Shophive.

Shophive offers a corporate sector segment where businesses may buy things for their offices at wholesale prices in quantity, in addition to its regular product selections. Businesses trying to cut costs on office supplies may find this to be a cost-effective solution.

Pros Cons
Wide range of electronic items and office products Limited product selection
Corporate sector purchasing Less well-known
Authentic products


Best online selling platforms in pakistan

HomeShopping is an online selling site in Pakistan that allows merchants to offer their items to clients online. The capacity to offer a bigger crowd is one of the primary advantages of HomeShopping. HomeShopping is a notable platform with a sizable online consumer base that may be keen on your contributions. For example, ventures or people attempting to contact a more extensive crowd, can be incredibly useful.

One additional benefit of selling on HomeShopping is the platform’s ease. It is not too difficult to register as a seller and list products on the platform, which also offers tools and resources to assist sellers in running their online store. A customer service team is also on hand at HomeShopping to help with any queries or problems that could come up.

It’s crucial to understand the possible hazards associated with selling on any e-commerce platform, though. Concerns regarding HomeShopping’s product quality and customer support have been voiced by a few individuals. To reduce the possibility of any issues, it’s crucial to thoroughly read the platform’s terms of service and seller policies before registering. You should also make sure that you offer top-notch goods and first-rate customer support.

When trying to sell products online and attract a larger audience, HomeShopping can be an easy and profitable platform. It is possible to have a profitable experience selling on HomeShopping if you do your research and pay attention to client happiness.

Pros Cons
Wide range of products Quality issues
Established platform Competition

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Best online selling platforms in Pakistan

Electronics, home appliances, and dresses are only a couple of the items accessible on the Pakistani online selling site iShopping. Contacting a sizable crowd of internet shoppers is one advantage of selling on iShopping. iShopping has an easy-to-understand website and a wide choice of items, making it a suitable choice for both customers and merchants.

The assistance and tools offered to vendors on iShopping are another benefit. Alongside helping with marketing and advancement drives, the platform provides dealers with tools and direction to help them set up and run their online stores. For people who are new to online deals or who need support exploring the e-commerce environment, this can be very useful.

It’s memorable and significant that iShopping isn’t also referred to in Pakistan as another online selling platform. This infers that, compared with platforms with a more extensive client base, getting clients and producing deals can be more troublesome. The fees and commissions that iShopping charges for its services are also important to take into account because they may have an impact on your overall earnings as a seller.

Pros Cons
Wide range of products Limited brand recognition
Convenient shopping experience Competition


Best online selling platforms in Pakistan

In Pakistan, VMart is a well-known online store that offers household products and gadgets. The ease of exploring and buying things online from the comfort of your home is one of the main benefits of shopping at VMart. You may quickly locate what you’re looking for in these categories because VMart offers a large choice of products.

The simplicity of payment and delivery is just another benefit of VMart. The platform provides a dependable delivery system to bring your products to you promptly and effectively. It also offers a number of payment alternatives, including cash on delivery.

The fact that VMart might not provide as many products as other e-commerce sites is one possible drawback. You might need to explore elsewhere if the product you’re looking for doesn’t fit into the electronics or home appliance categories.

A dependable and practical online store for buying gadgets and household equipment is VMart. Numerous online buyers in Pakistan choose it because of its extensive product selection, simple payment options, and quick delivery.

Pros Cons
Specialized product selection Limited product selection
Easy-to-use interface Potential issues with quality and customer service
Secure payment options Limited international shipping options


In Pakistan, a well-known e-commerce site called goto.com.pk sells a range of things, such as apparel, home goods, and electronics. The solid user base and reputation of Goto are two of the main advantages of selling there. Goto is a reputable platform with a devoted clientele that may offer merchants a steady stream of revenue.

The simplicity of Goto’s sales procedure is another benefit. The platform provides dealers with an instinctive point of interaction for posting and dealing with their items, along with important tools and help. Individuals who are new to online selling and may not know about every one of the specialized angles might view this as of specific use.

It is vital to remember that Goto, similar to some other online selling platforms, may pose a few dangers and challenges for shippers to consider. Merchants should be vigilant about keeping up with the nature of their items and offering great client assistance to limit the chance of any issues. A few clients have griped about the stage’s unfortunate item and client care quality.

All things considered, Goto.com.pk is a reliable and practical e-commerce site for Pakistani sellers. For many sellers, selling on Goto may be a lucrative and profitable experience, even though there are certain hazards to take into account.

Pros Cons
Strong reputation and customer base Risk of quality and customer service issues
Convenient selling process Competition

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Best online selling platforms in pakistan

OLX is an effective selling tool that offers a number of tools to support merchants in their success. You can flourish as a seller on OLX by utilizing a variety of options that are available to you. To keep up with your listing at the highest point of the search results, for instance, use the “bump up” feature. This is particularly useful while endeavoring to sell an item that is overwhelmingly popular.

To get more people to see your ads, you may also take use of OLX’s “promoted listings” function. This is an excellent method for moving goods that aren’t selling as quickly. Lastly, keep in mind the influence of picture usage in your listings. Click-through rates for listings with eye-catching photos are substantially higher.

Pros Cons
Large User Base Fraud and Scams
Variety of Items Quality Control
Free to Use Inconsistent Listing Quality
Localized Searches Limited Customer Support
Quick Transactions Lack of Integration


It’s significant to gauge the advantages and disadvantages of different online selling platforms prior to choosing which one to completely use for buys or deals. Each platform has various elements and capacities, so it’s basic to consider things like the scope of items accessible, the stage’s standing, the fact that it is so natural to sell or shop on it, and any potential dangers or challenges.

You may choose the e-commerce platform that best suits your demands and advances your objectives by doing some research and evaluating several possibilities.

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