Daraz’s 11.11 Sale Breaks Records with 34 Million Customers

Daraz Sale Profits

Daraz, South Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, recently wrapped up its highly anticipated 11.11 Biggest Sale of the Year, attracting an unprecedented 34 million users across Pakistan. This colossal event has not only showcased the platform’s commitment to affordable e-commerce but has also left a lasting impact on local communities.

Daraz’s Mission Unveiled

The Mission of Accessibility: Daraz’s core mission is to make e-commerce accessible to everyone. By offering the best prices and an extensive product range, Daraz aims to empower local communities. This year, the platform experienced a surge in various categories, including electronics, fashion, beauty, and groceries.

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Shopper Satisfaction

Substantial Savings for Shoppers: With substantial discounts across the board, shoppers reaped the benefits of significant savings. This not only reinforced Daraz’s commitment to providing value but also contributed to improving the quality of life for local communities.

Seller Support

Empowering Businesses: Daraz’s commitment to sellers was evident as it supported over 45,000 sellers and brands during the 11.11 sale. From onboarding workshops to co-funded programs, sellers witnessed a remarkable 2X increase in sales, with female sellers experiencing an impressive average of over 170% growth compared to non-campaign days.

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Opportunities for Content Creators

Fostering Creativity: Daraz extended opportunities for content creators, enabling them to grow their careers and income. During the 11.11 sale, creators witnessed up to 4X growth in earnings, showcasing Daraz’s dedication to nurturing creative talent.

Extending Accessibility

Reaching Underserved Regions: Addressing the need for accessibility, Daraz expanded its delivery network to cover more cities in Pakistan. This resulted in over 300% growth in shoppers outside major cities, further connecting buyers and sellers across the nation.

Logistic Triumph

Expanding Delivery Horizons: With the support of over 6,000 riders, Daraz expanded its delivery coverage, reaching as far as 1,410 kilometers. This logistic triumph underscores Daraz’s commitment to connecting even the remotest regions.

CEO’s Perspective

Bjarke Mikkelsen’s Insights: Daraz CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen, emphasized the platform’s role in challenging times. In the face of economic uncertainty and rising inflation, Daraz’s commitment to uplifting communities through commerce has never been more crucial.

Managing Director’s Pride

Ehsan Saya’s Statement: Managing Director of Daraz Pakistan, Ehsan Saya, expressed immense pride in the impact of large-scale campaigns during challenging economic times. These events go beyond promotions, supporting both sellers and consumers throughout Pakistan.

Key Trends in Pakistan

Fashion, Spices, and DIY: Several key trends emerged during 11.11 in Pakistan. Fashion sales soared, with traditional clothing being the top choice among Pakistani women. Additionally, 1 in 5 grocery items purchased was a spice, and DIY items, including fairy lights and bookshelves, gained popularity.

Looking Ahead

Anticipation for 12.12: As the 11.11 excitement settles, Daraz looks forward to the 12.12 Year-End Grand Sale. Shoppers are encouraged to stay updated on the best prices and promotions, promising an exciting conclusion to the year.


Daraz’s 11.11 sale not only set records in terms of customer turnout but also exemplified the platform’s dedication to community upliftment and business empowerment. As the year comes to a close, Daraz remains a beacon of affordability and accessibility in the world of e-commerce.

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