WhatsApp brings a new secret button, should you be alert?

WhatsApp brings a new secret button, should you be alert

WhatsApp is always adding new features, and in a recent development that was announced on November 29, 2023, the app has received an unnoticed but important upgrade. The super-secret little button is included to help users communicate more easily on a daily basis.

Within Meta Instant Messaging, the platform is always evolving, bringing new features and tiny UI changes on a regular basis. Certain changes are so minor as to go unnoticed. A small grey arrow (or possibly green in some interfaces) next to the profile in Settings or under the profile picture in the “You” section of your smartphone’s display acts as an example.

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New Feature

This feature, which was first unveiled at the end of October and rolled out over time, is now available to a larger user base. It meets a continuing need for features that improve the user experience. So, what’s the point of this little arrow?

The arrow makes it easier to add a new WhatsApp account to your smartphone or to switch between several accounts on a single device. This is particularly useful for people who maintain various accounts for personal and business use. Users had to duplicate the app or switch between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business in the past, which was an impractical solution.

WhatsApp multiple account

Users can now set up multiple WhatsApp accounts within the same mobile application and phone thanks to the updated menu, and the data will stay on the device until the user logs out. This feature is helpful for preserving privacy, successfully handling notifications, and switching between accounts without requiring a separate application.

However, there are some restrictions you should know that you can only add one more account for now, although this features name is multiple accounts. A smartphone which allows dual SIM functionality and a second phone line with its own number and SIM card are required to set up this second account. WhatsApp uses an additional phone line to send an SMS containing a one-time access code. Following this first confirmation, there are no more frequent logins or logouts needed for the program to work properly for both accounts.

Where to find

Users have to navigate to the “You” page or use the menu icon (three dots) to access WhatsApp settings in order to create a second account. They then must click on the little arrow in the began entrance that shows up to the right of their name. Users can follow the on-screen instructions by tapping “Add Account” at the bottom of the screen to begin the process. Particularly, each account can have its privacy as well as notification settings customized individually, which makes this feature an essential and extremely helpful addition.

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