Jupiter and its four moons will be visible in June as planet gets closer to the earth

According to NASA, the largest planet in the solar system ‘Jupiter’ will be visible without a telescope this month as its centre gets closer to earth. Not only Jupiter can be seen but also its four moons can be spotted too with a pair of binoculars.

According to the scientists, Jupiter will shine brightly at night in the month of June. They have also given the dates, the best view can be experienced on June 10, a day when Jupiter reaches a point known as opposition.

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Opposition means Jupiter will be pointed adjacent to earth and sun and earth will be in the middle of the two.

‘It’s the best time of the year to see Jupiter, as the planet is visible in the sky all night, and it’s around the time when Jupiter is closest to Earth,’ NASA says.

‘Jupiter is at its biggest and brightest this month, rising at dusk and remaining visible all night,’ NASA says.

‘The solar system’s largest planet is a brilliant jewel to the naked eye, but looks fantastic through binoculars or a small telescope,’ NASA says, ‘which will allow you to spot the four largest moons, and maybe even glimpse a hint of the banded clouds that encircle the planet.’

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