Science Says – Traveling Makes You Much Happier Than Any Other Material Wealth

People love shopping. This is because shopping not only helps in getting basic necessities of life but it also makes us happy. Since we love it, we often end up buying things that are not even necessary but to cherish the moment and feel happy about it, we often do it.

It is also observed that when you get used to your new purchase, the level of satisfaction begins to decline after some time. This prompts and tempts you to go shopping again and the vicious cycle repeats itself and continuous again.

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According to research conducted by students at Cornell University, you can break this damaging cycle that gives you temporary happiness and costs heavy on your pocket. As explained by a Psychology professor Mr.Thomas Gilovich, people experience the same amount of happiness when they travel as they do when they go shopping.

But wait, this is not it. The comparison weighs in more for traveling because the memories you experience when you visit different places not only increases your happiness hormone at that time but also lasts longer as compared to the temporary happiness from shopping.

According to Dr Gilovich, our experience is a bigger part of ourselves than material goods. You may actually love your purchases and may be able to make a temporary connection with the purchased stuff but they are separate from your own identity and its the traveling experience which identifies and resonates with your happiness in short as well as in long term. Memories last forever and traveling increases your productivity.

Your best, richest, and most cherished memories do not come from shopping, it comes from the life experiences you have got that comes from traveling.

The article originally appeared on Daily Health Post

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