Want your mother to live longer? Research says spend more time with her

A new study shows that loneliness is one of the main reasons of deteriorating health and causes death in the people who are above 60 years old. The study was conducted on over a thousand people who were aged over 60. 59% of the participants were women and they were all asked three different questions

Do they feel left out?

Do they feel isolated?

Do they lack companionship?

About 43% of participants said they feel very lonely and want someone to talk to them, preferably their blood relations. The further studies concluded, those who felt lonely found it hard to perform their daily activities. They had trouble performing basic tasks such as walking or reaching their arms above their head. Also, loneliness was found to be connected to a greater risk of heart failure as one gets old.

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“Loneliness is an important contributor to human suffering, especially in elderly persons, among whom prevalence rates may be higher,” the study states.

“Loneliness is the subjective feeling of isolation, not belonging, or lacking companionship.”

But by staying in touch with your family connections, especially older ladies, mom in particular not only helps her feel good and happy but it also prolongs her life and gives her mental and physical peace that is much needed as she gets older.

So remember, making time for your mom and sitting next to her, listening to her for hours could not only help her feel loved and supported but also prolong her life.

You will be doing a great service to her health and wellness.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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