June was hottest ever recorded on Earth

Last month was the hottest ever month (June) ever recorded. Yes, you read it right. This was the hottest June ever recorded since man stepped on the earth and ever since the temperatures were recorded. The announcement was made by EU‘s satellite agency.

According to data provided by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), the average temperature recorded in June was the highest on the record ever. In Asia, it was also worse. Temperature hitting as high as 50c in some cities in India and Pakistan.

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The data states that European average ​temperatures were more than 2C above normal. It was 6 to 10C above normal in France, Germany and northern Spain during the last few days of June.

The global average temperature was 0.1C higher than the previously recorded June temperature in 2016.

Experts are also saying that climate change resulted in the record-breaking heat and its more likely to get worse in coming years.

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