Introvert vs Extrovert Personality

Both introverts and extroverts are wired differently. Introverts want to spend time alone and prefer quiet places. For handling their projects individually, they prefer working one-on-one or in small groups. on the other hand, extroverts thrive on being out among people. they love meeting new people for sharing their feelings and ideas. This is kind of a general perception but if you dig a little bit more into the research about introverts and extroverts, you will understand both introverts and extroverts on a broader level.

Origin of the word introvert and extrovert:

The terms introvert and extrovert became familiar to people in the early 20th century. The meanings of these terms got confused between then and now which makes people think that they belong to one camp. But according to experts, these are extremes of a scale. This indicates that most people fall somewhere in the middle. There can be no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. It is because being such a person would be in a lunatic asylum. So, most people can never be on either spectrum of the scale and remain in the middle.

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The research has found that there is a difference in the way the brains of introverts and extroverts operate i.e. how their brain processes rewards and how their genetic makeup differs from each other. The brains of extroverts respond more strongly when a gamble pays off. Some part of it is simply genetic but it also depends on the difference in the dopamine system as well. Introverted people think about things even before they speak, enjoy a small and close group of friends, and need alone time to recharge. Introverts are not shy and necessarily like to spend time among fewer people as compared to bigger crowds.

Following are the few advantages both introverts and extroverts possess.


They are calm people: Introverts are known to have a calm demeanor and automatically cause a calming effect on the people around them. This quality is very useful when a person or an organization is going through a crisis. Once the situation comes under control, they easily think of practical solutions to overcome the losses.

Much better organized: These are the people who are extremely organized and give their full attention to even the smallest of things. They focus on the details and it makes a huge difference in their own success or the success of the organization they work for.

Thorough thinkers: Introverts are the person who thinks through different scenarios which provides them with ways to handle difficult situations easily.

Independent: Introverts do not rely on others to taking decisions, for emotional support, or for their finances. It helps them to wade through life by completely relying on themselves.


These are the people who are known to be the center of attention at any social gathering and develop a great rapport with people. These are outgoing, friendly, and extremely social-able people who always make sure that their feelings get heard. They are equally advantageous for themselves or for any organization they are working for. They have the following qualities

They respond to others: unlike introverts, extroverts are people who like to respond to each and every situation. They are extremely receptive toward others and can get others’ attention with their personality.

They are liked by other people: Extroverts are considered effective people and are always found among lots of people. They like to stay in groups and feel happier when given attention.

Consider everyone as friends: for extroverts, almost everyone is their friend including colleagues and the people they meet even once.

They adapt well: Just like an ongoing process, extroverts adapt very easily to their surroundings. They adapt to the situations and easily handle the occurring changes.


Both introverts and extroverts can ace life if they know how to manage and conduct themselves professionally Both have an equal chance of becoming successful if they learn how to utilize their strengths, and minimize the impact of their weaknesses. Want to know your type.

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