8 impressive words in your resume that can catch an eye

Many resumes are written with buzzwords that help them get sorted out quickly by the automated resume screener software used by major companies. But nearly everyone uses these buzzwords so it might not be the smartest way to get noticed. Also, these terms are so much overused that it becomes for the employer to differentiate between the job seekers.

According to experts, job seekers must communicate by using such words that not only convey their message but also help them to stand out from the crowd.

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The resume should be written in such a manner that it engages a reader with vivid language that captures what you do and why you do it well. Following are the words that should be used in your resume


Redesigned is a word that depicts an employee’s problem-solving skills. It shows the ability to think on a larger level demonstrating leadership and transformation.


Rather than playing the game of words, it’s better to show the actual numbers. Show your results in the form of a percentage on your resume.


Use action verbs such as launched, solved, optimized, and transformed that give the most impact.

Value or valuable:

By telling recruiters that you are hardworking, does not necessarily mean that you can also produce better results. Instead, focus on being productive and adding value to the organization by using such words that make them realize that you can use your abilities to improve their business.

Get specific:

Instead of using lame words such as hardworking or results-oriented, it’s better for job seekers to be specific in their resumes.

Provide examples:

The most powerful resume would be the one that has provided examples. Give your examples of being a team player by working on a team project. Give examples of being a problem solver by illustrating how you helped a company in hard times during your previous job experience.

Super headed:

Such words should be used in a resume that emphasizes your level of involvement. The word “helped” can be replaced with “super headed” if you were an active participant in a project.

Edit skillfully:

The editing of a resume is something advised by a number of experts. Reading and re-reading a resume is just the beginning of an editing process, it makes you think of your every word twice.

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