Learn Body Language for effective communication

The importance of a person’s body language can never be underestimated. This is the non-verbal communication that we use all the time in our society as well as in professional life

Our actions speak louder than words and sometimes we communicate with other people without the aid of a single word. It is the most important part of communication that only a few of us study and master at.

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9 Horrible Body Language Examples:

Sometimes you do not utter a single word but your body language tells a lot about you. Let’s take a quick look at the 9 body signs and examples that could be your characteristic trait and reflect your personality without you even opening up about yourself.

1- Nonexistent or aggressive eye contact


2- Adopting a defensive pose


3- Fidgeting


4- Mismatching verbal and non-verbal communication


5- Forgetting to smile


6- Playing with your hair


7- Shuffling instead of walking


8- Slouching


9- Appearing distracted


3 Body language tricks to appear stronger:

Strong body language helps to transmit messages to be more effectively. This element in communication gives clues about the character, reactions, and emotions of an individual. It is a secret that enables successful personal relationships and works as a key to managing other individuals.

In order to establish better relationships with others, the best way to start is to treat people with respect and perform your work with full honesty. Then there are a few tricks that can help a person to appear more strong and more powerful in front of other people. These tips can be adopted by bosses and owners to give a strong personality impression to their colleagues.

1. Straight posture:

Our posture is something we mostly ignore but it makes a big difference to our personality. It not only makes a good impression in front of employees but also makes us feel more confident. According to Northwestern University’s study, a person’s mood is strongly linked to his/her posture. A straight posture depicts the happy mood of the boss whereas slouched shoulders indicate the trapped situation.

2. Lean Back:

Lean back on your chair gives an impression of projecting high power. It actually symbolizes that you have the power to decision-making and better analyze the situation.

3. Steeple position of hands:

This simple gesture when the tips of your fingers touch altogether, makes you look more confident and in control. It is a good way to impress a person or an audience.

Four Essential Body Language Tips for Better Audience Engagement

1- Keep the body open:

The most important way to communicate easily is to keep your body open. Covering up the body with hands can act as a barrier between the speaker and the audience.

2- Have palms open:

Hands play an important role while speaking on the stage. If you look inside your palms, it will soothe your eyes more as compared to the outside of your hands. Great speakers always keep their palms open toward the audience in order to engage them more intensely.

3- Get comfortable with the stage:

Getting comfortable on the stage is really important for a speaker. The body feels unrestricted to move which makes the speaker easy to connect with the audience. Whereas if the speaker is not comfortable on the stage, his/her body language starts to constrict and remains unable to express himself in a better way.

4- But what if you have a podium?

Podium can be a relief for some people, as they think it is a better way to cover up. But a podium is something not to rely on. People lean on it, shake it, and do all sorts of things that make their nervousness more apparent. The best way is to keep a comfortable distance from the podium and just use it for keeping your notes. Resting your hands on it will start causing problems so it is better to use the power of your body language. This will help public speakers to better interact with the audience and make a good impression.

Master these 7 body language tricks that will pay you forever:

The following are a few techniques that can be applied to mastering the art of body language.

1- Align your body:

While speaking to a person, it is important to position your body to the person you are speaking to. This is not a very tough skill to master but it certainly gives the impression to the other person that you are interested in listening or talking to the person.

2- Focus on your walk:

There are many of us who walk with an awkward gait. It is really important to walk with confidence if you really want to make a good first impression.

3- Keep eye contact:

Maintaining better eye contact can improve your face-to-face communication with other people. Whereas a shaky gaze can often make you appear anxious, distracted, or even dishonest.

4- Visibility of hands:

Your nervousness is often revealed by your hands. Keeping them in your pockets or crossing them over can make a negative impression. Instead, keep your hands visible and use more open body language.

5- Sit Straight:

Sitting up straight gives the impression that you are intelligent, confident, and credible enough. Slumping over while sitting on a chair indicates that you don’t have enough confidence.

6- Make a firm handshake:

It is always suggested to make a strong handshake when you want to make a good first impression. Nobody likes a dead fish handshake that indicates you are a weak person.

7- Slow down a bit:

You may speed up everything when you are nervous like your movements and speech. Therefore it’s better to have precision in your movements. Take a deep breath, slow down, and make deliberate movements while meeting someone.


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